Starfield – How to install Comspike and Grid modules


    Ship equipment like Comspikes and Conduction Grids can be difficult to understand in Starfield at times. It’s intimidating to open the boat builder and get started, as long as you’ve found the right place to sail! That’s why I’ve clearly explained how to get each of these components for your ship, so you can get back to hacking through space.

    How to place Comspike and Grid modules on your ship in Starfield

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    You’ll have to go see Jasmine Durand (aka Jazz) in The key on Kryx, where the Crimson Fleet is based. She is your boat repair technician for the area and will also be in charge of setting you up with Comspike and Conduction Grid. Go towards it and choose the option that says I would like to see and modify my ships.. From there:

    • Gonna boat builder
    • Choose the Add option
    • Find the driving network and peak communication in Equipment
    • Place both on your boat, making sure they snap into place and show the green glowinstead of red.
    • Save and go out

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    Why can’t I buy Comspike or Conduction Grids in Starfield?

    Some players have experienced the above process not working for them, preventing them from completing the Crimson Fleet mission in Starfield. If you have done all the steps above and still cannot add Comspike and/or Conduction Grid, you must probably have a bug. Try reloading previous saves to try to get it working again. This can be frustrating and will probably mean a waste of time in the game, but there doesn’t seem to be another solution at the moment.

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