Starfield Fueled Generator: How to get & use


    If you’re looking for how to use a Fueled Generator in Starfield, then your search ends here. In Starfield, a fueled generator is an important power source that can supply energy to various machines and devices, including weapons, shields, engines, and outposts. In fact, it is the largest producer of power in Starfield, providing 20 power to your outpost when active.

    However, a Fueled Generator is the only power source in the game that requires a resource to function. Therefore, it’s a bit of a tricky task to supply power to your fueled generator. With that said, here’s a comprehensive guide to using Fueled Generator in Starfield.

    How to power your Fueled Generator in Starfield

    To supply power to your Fueled Generator, you’ll need to mine Helium Gas in Starfield. Hence, you’ll need to find a planet that has Helium-3 available as a resource by using the resource scan. After finding such a planet, harvest the Helium-3 using an extractor and store it in a gas storage container.

    You will then need to find the following resources to build a Gast Storage Container that can hold Helium:

    • 3x Adaptive Frame
    • 6x Copper
    • 5x Tungsten

    Once you build the storage, we advise linking the Helium Extractor to the Gas Storage Container. Alternatively, you can directly connect the storage to the generator by creating an Output Link from the gas storage container to the Fueled Generator.

    Finally, transfer all the mined Helium to Gas Containers and press the interaction button near the fueled generator to power it up. If you want to turn off the generator, simply disconnect the Output Link from the Extractor.

    Once you have Helium-3, supply it to the Fueled Generator by walking up to it and pressing 'E' or 'A'

    It’s worth noting that the generator uses around 1 unit of Helium-3 per production cycle, which is equivalent to one minute. Therefore, the duration of the fueled generator’s operation will depend on the amount of Helium-3 available in the gas storage container and the rate at which it is consumed by the generator.

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