Starfield: Free faction selection and a lot of interesting details have been revealed


    New details have been revealed about Starfield, which you can read here.

    Jess Finster, the director of Bethesda, is on hand, to answer an additional question to the community about Constellation.

    Will Shen is the chief quest designer at Starfield. He’s also responsible for the main quest. Having done that, he revealed some exciting details, beginning by telling you that in Stafield, you can basically experiment randomly, anywhere on the planet.

    The ‘nothing’ developer created whole planets, which then had to be fixed by the team. To create a whole planet, a new dynamic random technology was specially developed for this purpose.

    Starfield thus offers you dynamically placed settlements that can take you to dynamically placed dungeons as you explore the planet.

    Each group develops and changes dynamically and will encounter completely different people than ever.

    You might be exploring a parking lot again and suddenly, you’ll meet people with a specific problem for a whole whole group, otherwise, you would encounter just one person at that time in the street.

    That group has such a problem as mine that a member of our team was kidnapped. They kidnapped them by pirates. We think they’re over there.

    The player is actually changing position, with other possible enemies and more around them.

    In addition, Will Shen believes that new technology only scratched the surface of random encounters and we still have no idea what this technology can do.

    I took a look at the Starfield spacecraft trailer. It has been revealed that there will be quests to take you back there to explore how things have changed.

    Quite early in the main quest, Starfield introduces you to the solar system. The story becomes an Old Neighborhood.

    And they sent you there for a mission with Constellation to discover the mysteries of the artifacts and with the question: What’s going on with the Earth?

    If you don’t, you’ll have the opportunity to fly to Mars; as is the case, there’s a settlement, one of the early colonies that mankind established after leaving Earth.

    It is called Cydonia and its small town consists of people and towns wishing to meet.

    In the end, the developers decided to play all faction lines independently in Starfield. And individual stories become a little more personal, so as to influence the direction in which the chosen faction will develop.

    In comparison to those used to a game of Bethesda, the faction questlines were treated like Skyrim rather than Fallout 4. To join multiple factions like in Skyrim can complete all of these and not be excluded from others by joining one faction like in Fallout 4.

    The main quest for Starfield will start with a short trip through the settled systems and all the important factions so players get an idea of what they are up to.

    For example, there’s the Freestar Rangers, and you decide what is more important to you and therefore to the faction. In general, how about the law or industry?

    Your decisions will be reflected in the actions of the entire faction. However, you will not necessarily become the main target of every faction in the game. However, all main characters and the faction questline reflect your choices and can have wide-reaching consequences on the faction and its interests.

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