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    Money, more specifically credits, can sometimes be hard to come by in Starfield. That’s why some players even resort to attempting to steal credits without getting caught. But you don’t have to steal (unless you want to for fun, of course)! We have the best ways for you to make yourself wealthy in Starfield down below!

    How to Farm Credits in Starfield

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    Selling Contraband

    If you want the ultimate high-risk yet high-reward scenario to get tons of credits, consider selling contraband. Make sure to either use a shielded cargo hold or scan jammer if you’re going to travel into areas with scanners with the contraband. The best place to sell these illegal items is The Den (Wolf system) or Trade Authority stores.

    Use Mission Boards for Easy Deliveries

    While a lot of mini-quests you may spot on Mission Boards are for things like taking out enemy ships, there are even easier missions available. Take the ones that tell you to deliver items to other cities and areas. All that you need to do is have enough space in your ship’s storage and then fly to the destination. From there, you get the money!

    Upgrade Your Commerce Skill

    The Commerce skill often goes ignored in favor of other skills, and we understand that. But if you’re trying to make cash more quickly, you shouldn’t sleep on this skill. It will not only make items purchasable at cheaper rates but will also increase the amount you get when selling things.

    Go On a Pickpocketing Spree

    If you want to quickly accumulate credits, consider pickpocketing people left and right. As long as you have a decent stealth and theft skill, this will be pretty easy. Also, consider quicksaving before every theft in case things go awry. Target people with names for pickpocketing, instead of generic NPCs like citizens and security guards, since they’ll likely have more credits on them. I found Neon to be a great place for this.

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    Best Items to Sell for Money in Starfield

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    If you just want to simply sell items to get credit-rich in Starfield, you may need to be a bit more strategic. Some items will sell for way more than others. If you’re looking for things to sell for a lot of credits, consider:

    • Rare/Epic/Legendary Weapons, Suits, Packs, and Helmets
    • Survey Data (sell to Vlad at The Eye)
    • Resources mined at your outposts (sell with Cargo Link)
    • Extra ammunition (this is especially useful later in gameplay when you have a surplus)

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