Starbase Easy Credits In Early Game

Starbase Easy Credits In Early Game

This Starbase Easy Credits In Early Game guide will show you how to make 700+ credits per minute near the start of the game.

Here’s how.

Starbase Easy Credits In Early Game

After you crack your first 10 asteroids as part of the tutorial, you can use the pictured panel to continuously spawn more asteroids and just keep on cracking. Keep going one after the other until you have as much money as you want up to 100,000 credits per week.

If you crack them in quick succession, you can make 700+ credits every minute. Depending on luck and how fast you move, you can make 1000+ per minute.

You can also continue to break down ships during the dismantling tutorial as well. But I could only get up to about 300 credits per minute doing that.

– All ores mined in the mining bay contribute to the Market and influence prices.
– The more ores you mine, the cheaper they will be to buy from the market.
– You can go back to the mining area and crack more asteroids whenever you want to.
– Mining and Demolition weekly limits are separate. Make 200k a week between them.
– Server maintenance will reset the 100,000 limit the same as if it was a new week.
– In its current form, the game allows you to go back to the demolition area and pickup more power packs for free


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