Star Wars Jedi Survivor Accessibility Options Explained



    The game is for everyone. And a good game stands out for this by adding accessibility options so that as many people as possible can enjoy it. Star Wars Jedi Survivor does exactly that, providing settings like control customization and difficulty levels. Here are all of Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s accessibility options, explained.

    All accessibility options in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

    As detailed in a official EA news publication On April 25, 2023, Star Wars Jedi Survivor introduces the following accessibility settings:

    visual adjustments

    • Subtitles and closed captions: includes switches to depth of detail and frequency.
    • hud scale
    • Color Profile Settings
    • Stabilizer UI Point
    • Color blind options
    • Field of view adjustment
    • Camera Shake Adjustment

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    game settings

    • Control Customization: Star Wars Jedi Survivor players can re asign his control S to improve your experience.
    • Five different difficulty options to suit various playstyles.
    • Button mash options.
    • Navigation assistant: this includes auditory cues.
    • Hold and pull the switches.
    • Automatic orientation camera options.
    • Slow Mode: Slows down the action and makes platforms and easier combat.

    Star Wars Jedi Survivor Difficulty Options Explained

    There is five difficulty options in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, in order of challenge:

    • Story Mode: Augmented stall times and reduced enemy damage. For those who want to enjoy history.
    • Jedi Padawan: less generous stall times and slightly increased enemy damage.
    • Jedi Knight: Hard Mode. Increase enemy damage and damage received.
    • Jedi Master—Enemy aggressiveness is increased significantly.
    • Jedi Grand Master—Small stop windows and maximum aggressiveness of the enemy. It’s the hardest difficulty for a reason; don’t take this lightly.

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