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    In the Stand Proud Roblox game, there is no time to rest. Here, you will enter into combat the moment you enter the arena. Get ready to fight as it won’t last long. The game can be challenging for beginners as there is hardly any time to rest, but there are a few ways you can prolong your career as a fighter. One of the best ways to improve is to use Stand Proud codes!

    To be successful, you must use the best supports that money can buy. That can be a problem at first, but not so much if you use the Stand Proud codes. Most of these codes will earn you yen, an in-game currency that you’ll use to purchase stalls. Most are around 20,000 yen so you can use better supports quickly. If you are a fan of fighting games, use World of Stands Codes to improve your chances.

    List of all Stand Proud codes

    Updated April 27, 2023

    We have new Yen codes for your Stands!

    Stand Proud Active Codes (working)

    These are all the Stand Proud codes that work.

    • BrilliantSematario—Redeem for two universal skins, Lil Shine and Sematary (New)
    • Twitter10K—Redeem for 9999 yen (New)
    • NewUpdate2—Redeem for 4999 yen (New)
    • acloudyskye—Redeem for 4999 yen (New)
    • anamaguchi—Redeem for 4999 yen (New)
    • We reached 2k Players—Redeem for 7999 yen
    • thanksfor40k—Redeem for 6499 yen
    • PurpleOverMyHead—Redeem for 1,500 yen
    • MonstersInMyBasement—Redeem for 5k yen
    • SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE—Redeem for 10,000 yen
    • yoangelo—Redeem for 3000 yen
    • NewUpdate1_5—Redeem for 5000 yen
    • ListenTo_acloudyskyefor—Redeem for 1000 yen
    • NoWay32kLike—Redeem for 5999 yen
    • ThanksBy31kLike—Redeem for 9999 yen
    • WOWThanksFor1kPlayers—Redeem for 4999 yen
    • SorryMobilePlayers—Redeem for 1999 yen
    • I can’t save you—Redeem for 4999 yen
    • MaintenanceIsOver—Redeem for 10,000 yen
    • StandingProudReleasedLol—Redeem this code and get 5,000 yen
    • like30K—Redeem for 2000 yen

    Expired Stand Proud Codes

    These are expired Roblox codes for Stand Proud.

    • There are no expired codes for the Stand Proud Roblox experience.

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    How to Redeem Codes in Stand Proud

    Follow the instructions below to redeem codes at be proud.

    Image from MyFullGames
    1. Launch Stand Proud on Roblox.
    2. Click on the codes button on the left side of the screen.
    3. Enter the job codes in the Enter the code here! Text’s box.
    4. Click on the enter button to claim your free prize.

    Where to find more Stand Proud codes?

    You can find all the newest Stand Proud codes on this page. Bookmark it and we will update it as soon as new rewards appear. You can also check the Twitter account of Eyez Studio @EyezStudios and Stand Proud Discord Server for more information on codes and game updates.

    Why aren’t my Stand Proud codes working?

    If you’re having trouble redeeming Stand Proud codes, try checking if you entered the code correctly. To avoid confusion, please copy and paste the code from the active listing above into the redemption text box. Another reason why some code doesn’t work is because it has expired. Most Roblox codes tend to expire after a while, so make sure you claim them quickly.

    Other ways to get free rewards in Stand Proud

    Apart from using codes, the best way to get free rewards in Stand Proud is to play the game regularly. You will receive prizes every day you log in, so don’t forget to start the game at least once a day. Every consecutive day you log in to the game, you get a higher amount of yen than the day before!

    What is Stand Proud?

    Stand Proud is a Roblox battle arena fighting game based on the characters from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Here you will face other players in player vs player combat, so be prepared to learn a thing or two about choosing the most suitable support and their abilities to the best of your ability.

    If you are looking for codes for other games, we have many in our Roblox Game Codes mail! You can also get a lot of free stuff through our Roblox Promo Codes page. And in the meantime, check out the latest news to stay up to date on all things entertainment.



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