SpotRacers Ranked List – Best Cars by Type and Tag


    Updated on June 13, 2024. – Version: 1.28.1

    There are only so many spots in your garage, but so many models. Which are the best? And which model do you need to scan to get your favorite SpotRacer? List of SpotRacers ranks Help you find all the answers!

    First things first – Spot Racers are divided into four main categories.Types‘: These are as follows:

    • Off road
    • Citizens
    • universal
    • the game

    List of SpotRacers ranks

    Of course, that’s not all, because this game also has ‘tags’. A SpotRacer belongs to only one type, but can contain multiple tags. In alphabetical order, the tags are:

    • 4×4
    • ancient
    • Cargo
    • duty
    • electricity
    • Family
    • Micro
    • The muscles
    • Retro
    • Super
    • Tourer
    • experienced

    SpotRacer models may have different variations based on the real-life car you’ve scanned to get them. For example, if you scan the Honda 145 model, you’ll get the Aldo SpotRacer. Also, if you scan the AMC Pacer model, you’re still going to get the Aldo SpotRacer, but with different stats. It may have better acceleration or top speed, but less handling etc.

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    In the following pages, you can find each Spot Racer and the best ones for each type and tag, as well as the real-life car model you need to scan, so you can get the most popular version of Spot Racer. . No, you won’t have to go out and hunt for cars like Pokemon. All you have to do is search for the image of the model on Google and scan it through your game.


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