Spirits Unleashed Connects to the Movies


the Ghostbusters The franchise has been a phenomenal success for decades. What started out as a light action comedy has since become a beloved franchise that has been introduced to generations of fans and many who will always answer the call. Recently the movie Ghostbusters: Beyond revived general interest and since then a new era has begun for Ghostbusters, which sees its characters in different but equally entertaining settings. But even though there are still more stories in the works, cinema is not the only medium to tell the beloved story.

For example, while there are three movies set in the same universe spanning more than 30 years, there are other mediums through which the story has continued. One of the best examples is Ghostbusters: The Video Game, which served as a pseudo-third entry to the movies. But now, Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleasheda single/multiplayer title that allows players to exist in the same universe as the team and play or capture ghosts, has entered the fray and offers some fun but subtle connections to the franchise.

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Winston is financing the new Ghostbusters

Winston Zeddemore was the last Ghostbuster to join the team, which consisted of Ray, Peter, and Egon. But unlike the other three, he was not a scientist, he was a man who needed a steady salary. But what she lacked in technical knowledge, she made up for in his ability to make profitable decisions. When the team disbanded, Winston turned to finance and found himself making a small fortune. While he lived a life far better than a steady paycheck could provide, he never forgot his roots. In fact, once the Ghostbusters got together in Ghostbusters: Beyondhe used his fortune to propel the organization once again.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed is the follow-up to Winston’s monumental decision. As a result, he is one of the main characters in the game and is a mentor of sorts, helping newbies learn the ropes and figure out how to capture ghosts. While he is a prominent element in the story, he is not a playable character. This works well, however, as it allows Ernie Hudson to deliver a layered performance that is nostalgic but also something never seen before.

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Ray confirms that Phoebe is still in their lives.

Ghostbusters: Beyond introduced a bevy of new characters, with Phoebe Spengler, Egon Spengler’s granddaughter, being the most prominent. Thanks to her efforts, she, along with her friends, beyond the Ghostbusters and Egon’s spirit, pushed back Gozer and saved the world of the living. But part of what made Phoebe such a magnetic character was the ease with which she fell into the life of a Ghostbuster. In doing so, she also confirmed that this was a life that she would not give up easily, and Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed He went out of his way to help confirm that.

Although happy in his life selling occult books, Ray Stantz remains a crucial element in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed. If it wasn’t for his interest in the supernatural in the first place, there probably would have been no Ghostbusters. As a result, he is always there to talk to players and offer stories or tidbits of information. An example of this is when he mentions that he is still in contact with Phoebe and has since gone to great lengths to ensure that she and her family are financially stable.

But even more refreshing to hear is that he still visits the firehouse, showing that his interest in Ghostbusters has only continued to grow. While these moments are loosely tied to the previous movies, Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed it’s a fantastic way to continue the narrative and connect with the movies and the franchise as a whole.

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