Space Engineers Ship And Base Building Tips

Just a few tips and tricks I’ve figured out or learned. hopefully, you will find them as useful as I did.

If there is something I missed or a tip you want to add, comment down below. who knows I may add it.

Lets start with the basics.

One thing that I have learned during my time playing Space Engineers is that plans generally help.

What I like to do when I load a new survival world is to either:

1. Load it up with a plan of exactly what you want to do. This can be things such as taking an idea you had for a base or ship and seeing how it turns out or setting things up for a scenario you want to try.

2. Load up your world with something that changes a signifacant part of how you play. Such as adding in the need for food and water or not being able to use your jetpack. This can lead you to change up ow you build your ships and base as now you have a new need.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve gone in with a super crazy plan and I end up quitting because I forget to take into account the resources I need. Make sure to start small then work your way up. Even if it takes longer than you hoped, it’s better to be set up with a nice little base that you can fall back on, than to have all of your hard work blown up by those ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Reavers.

Final tip for the basics: ORGANIZE YOUR TERMINALS.

This is by far one of my biggest pet peeves in space engineers. It helps people out so much to have a nice clean terminal. Grouping and “hide in terminal” exist for a reason. Group up your vital systems like your thrusters, gyros, reactors and landing gear. That way if some else were to use your ship, they won’t have to dig through listing looking for that one block they need to change.

So you have your self a base. Now what?

Once you have gotten yourself nice and cozy in your little starter. It’s time to start thinking about going bigger. I find that laying out everything helps keep me on track and not get distracted by….ooo an unknown signal GIMME. You don’t have to create a full-on essay on what you’re going to do (I did that once, took forever because I had decided to format it MLA style and wrote it like it was for my finals.). A shortlist written on an LCD that you will pass a lot will do. As for things on the list, put items such as: what will the function of the build be, can it go in atmosphere, can it carry things, what extras do you want, what should it look like, that sorta thing. Below are some examples of the lists for things I’ve built.

Moon Base:

Name, F-C Foward operating base A-CXZM-10

Purpose, to have an established and capable base on the moon of the earthlike planet

Functions, Mining, Refining, Production, Storage, Trading, and Scraping

Areas, Living quarters, Rover/drone hanger, Fighter/utility hanger, cargo terminal, scraping terminal, docks for small transports, miners and freighters, docks for both the F-C Providence and F-C Star Titan, and factory and storage.

Sealed, No

Extras, The main tunnel can also function as a construction yard, 3 entrances, PDS

Light Exploration ship

Name, F-C Providence

Purpose, Exploration of nearby planets

Functions, Two Hangers with slots for either a fighter or miner, infirmary, crew quarters, to command decks, production capable, jump capable.

Areas, Flight Bridge, Captains quarters, Crew quarters, Infirmary, Engineering, hangers, CIC, and pilots quarters.

Sealed, yes

Extras, 3 gattling turrets on top and 3 on the bottom with 2 missile turrets on each side. PDS, Two docking arms, Atmo capable.

Getting down to building

When building your ship, I Highly recommend test out things you are not sure about in a copy of the world in creative. This prevents you from losing all your work because Clang decided to say hi.

For ships, start with a skeleton of your ship, then add all the important items such as your jump drives and hydro tanks. start with the biggest items, then go smaller. once you have that laid out then add your conveyors, thrusters, and connectors and pipe it all up. Only then should you start working on your armor. This method is useful as then you don’t have to go around your fully armored ship trying to fit things in weird spots. This also allows you to add smaller details, like maintenance tubes.

When adding your armor, it’s ok to leave some of your internals like part of your tanks exposed (except on combat ships), they can help break up the aroma to make it look more carefully designed and add detail.

Try to avoid the pitfall of visible tiers in your armor, they are very hard to make look right and hard to hide. Try to keep to having only one block drops, and if it’s unavoidable, use the longer slopes to smooth it out.

Don’t use too many different textures in your armor. I find that sticking to trying to use only 3 or 4 different textures prevents your ship from being an insult to a good builder’s eyes. Using stairs here and there around the rear thrusters to simulate vents is fine but it starts to look funny when you use lines of them as an attempt at “Adding Textures and depth”. No, it just looks like you slap some stairs to a good-looking ship.

Use graded windows for engine cowls, they look good and are very clean. Think outside the box, grind some different blocks down and see what they look like. Who knows, they may look like just the shape or texture you need.

Finally, colors. This is a big one. try to stick to 2-3 different colors, using one as a base, one for details, and one for highlighting objects. If you building a ship that is part of a bigger fleet, use the colors and markings of that fleet. Also, try to stick to colors that don’t people eye cancer from looking at your ship. Generally, I color my ships like this:

Blue/Green: Nice clam colors, looks good on cargo and mining ships

Grey/Black: combative ships, stealth is key so darker colors work better.

Yellow/Orange: Bright and usually used as a safety color, make it create for shipyards where players will be walking around.

Ships are nice but I want a base

So you have yourself a ship, good job! Now you have the problem everyone has with the random encounter mod.

Should I just run around space jumping away from works and Reavers?

or Should I make a haven where I can catch my breath for a second?

Best answer? Go for the base. Not only is constantly jumping around and running boring, but it also prevents you from stocking up on resources and getting that ever so important ice. Bases have the advantage of being able to be filled with as much stuff as needed and you don’t have to worry about the weight. One problem is that they are exposed and can’t quickly run away.

Whenever you are building a base, think about what it needs to provide. A small box with a med bay and a container generally can’t protect that mother ship of yours.

There are 5 types of bases.

1. the classic rover base, these are massive rovers with all the things you need on them. the problem with them is that they can get top-heavy really quick and you need to be able to handle different terrain types.

2. The surface base. surface bases have the fact that they don’t need to move so weight isn’t a problem but they are also one of the most exposed types of bases. Meaning a good defense grid is a smart choice.

3. The orbital base. this base is located in orbit around a world or moon. they can move but most don’t, so weight isn’t a problem. these however are the most exposed as they can be attacked from all angles.

4. the Asteroid base. these are the second most defendable base types. they are half-buried into large asteroids and usually, only have to defend one point which is the main entrance. sometimes you don’t even have to do that if you are lucky.

5. the Underground base. These bases require the most work overall as you have to dig out (or blow out, warheads are fun times) your base. but with that hard work, you get a base that is very hard to attack and is also very useful. you can easily send a scout drone out the detect ores then drill your way there, staying protected. The inspiration for my F-C A-CXZM-10 moon base came from a youtuber name Splitse. Check out his survival unlikely series as you can get a lot of cool ideas from him. (check out episodes 20-34 that where I got the idea for the base)

lets have some fun with those bloody Reavers

So you have managed to procure yourself a ship/base/ thing that jets around with 2% hydrogen and a gun that goes pew. If you playing with no/no fun mods, you only have to worry about the lonely pirate stations. I highly recommend the random encounters mod, Reavers, and orks. they make the survival experience a lot more fun and more of a challenge.

A few things with knowing about Reavers and orks.

Reavers locate you via antenna or movement. As a general rule, I leave my antennas off or don’t even add them. they detect antennas up to 10km out. They also follow beacons. if you truly need to use your antenna, be prepared to run as the words “A Reaver ship has detected an antenna/beacon” appear over your hot bar. If you are within 5km of them they will spot you if you move. At 2km it doesn’t matter if your a station they will see you. Reavers have heavy armor and lots of thrusters. they are fast and some can jump short distances. They have more missiles than seems possible and will ruin your day quickly.

Orks work sorta like Reaver in how they detect you. Orks ships are mostly bigger than Reavers but may not be as heavily armed/armored. Most have jump drives that are buried deep and they are better to grind down as they give you more.

If you are being chased by one of the 2 (Or both if your ship is 2.5km long *Cough Star Titan Cough*) you can either:

Jump away or

Lead them towards a target with a signal, mostly they prefer targets with signals.

One thing to note, Reaver in particular is not picky, they will happily go after other NPCs, which may lead to some free loot for you.

If you want to take one out yourself, I recommend either a script or mod that allows you to target just their weapons and maybe the grinders on some Reavers. this will leave the best parts intact for you to “borrow”.

Of course, if you just want revenge and not parts, either make a ship with more weapons than god or just use a MAC from the Halo weapons mod.


Random Encounters

Rival AI


What about mods?

Mods are a great way to give your builds that extra wow factor. Whenever possible I try to use mods instead of DLCs because mods are free. That being said, there is a point where it becomes too overwhelming. Try out some different mods and see what you like. A few mods that I find more practical than decorative are Build Vision, Edges be gone , Nano bot build and repair and Build info . Build vision is great for making small changes to your block or needing to have a better view than what you get from going into the terminal. Build info is an extension really of Build vision but it adds that ability to locate leaks to heal airlock your ships. Edges be gone helps clean up your armor by removing the edges you get when you change the armor color and Nanobot, build and repair makes shipbuilding way less of a hassle, you can set it up so it auto builds your blueprints and repair your ships. You can even have it pick up floating components and ores and grind down grids you don’t like.

Play around with different layouts and use the mods that you think look good and hey if you are proud of your build that’s all that matters. Don’t be afraid to share your work. Have others give you feedback and Beware Clang.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Space Engineers Ship And Base Building Tips that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank RS Pilot. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.