Soul Tide tier list of all characters sorted by their class


    has been updated. June 132024Version: 7.13.0(40) – Latest additions: Qing Hao, Qing Dai

    If you are interested in a comprehensive Soul Tide Tier List Of all the best characters in the game, then look no further because you’ve found it. We’ll take a look at each character in the game and rank them all in their respective tiers, so you’ll know exactly who to pick whenever you’re facing certain enemies.

    In today’s article, we’re going to get to know each character’s role as well as rank them based on their abilities and the role they play in the game. As you are well aware, the game is quite unique when it comes to gameplay. Its approach is more similar to a dungeon crawler than a mobile gacha game, so you can expect a lot of planning, strategy, and of course, fighting!

    The best characters from Soul Tide

    While there aren’t a whole lot of characters available in the game at the moment, the ones that have been released tend to be mostly in the upper tiers – specifically, S-tier and A-tier. Most of the free characters are also considered highly playable, thus making the game a lot more enjoyable, knowing that you don’t need to acquire a specific unit to succeed in the late stages of the game.

    So, a soul tide list is not that important?

    A tiered list, like the one we created today, will help you better understand the role of each team’s roles, enabling you to come up with some creative team compositions. The truth is, more important than the characters is how you use them on the team. You should always pay attention to their attributes and skills, and make sure you always counter the opponent.

    Remember to always upgrade the units you have and try different comps if you can’t do enough damage with the units you already have deployed. It usually takes the right timing and skill set to deal with most enemies, including bosses.

    And without further ado, let’s dive into the Soul Tide tire list!


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