Soul Stone Survivors – How To Unlock Bumble’s Lair


    This short guide explains how to complete the quest and unlock Bumble’s Lair.

    Tips to unlock Bumblebee’s lair

    in short

    You have to kill the bosses in order within the circles:

    • The first boss in the red circle.
    • Another in blue.
    • Third in yellow/orange.
    • 4 in green.
    • 5th in purple

    With details

    I did this in Frozen Wasteland, I stood in a circle in color order (to make it easier to bait bosses, you don’t have to stand there all the time), until a boss appeared. Air, then I killed. That’s all right in the circle.

    Circle color in resource crystal setting in main menu:

    • Red > Blue > Yellow > Green > Purple

    Then, to unlock secret achievements and their corresponding skills:

    • 1st: Defeat the secret boss with 0 curse intensity/disable it.
    • 2nd: Defeat the secret boss with 25 curse intensity/equal to curse IV.
    • 3rd: Defeat the Secret Boss with 34 Curse Intensity/Equivalent to Curse V.

    You can unlock all 3 instantly by just playing directly on the C34, but someone reported that they didn’t get the achievements unless they unlocked in order.

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