Soul Knight Tier List – Each character’s ranking

    Updated on June 13, 2024. – Version: 6.2.2 – Latest addition: Arcane Knight

    Do you want to play a powerful character and go through all the levels with ease? This Civil Knight Rank List It will help you decide which one to pick and why.

    In this amazing pixelated roguelike RPG, you can choose the hero of your choice and adventure through all kinds of dungeons, challenge monsters and loot your heart. Of course, like every roguelike out there, Soul Knight has plenty of twists and turns (and we’re not talking about the turns you take in dungeons). One of the biggest considerations will also be the characters you play.

    Each unique hero you can choose to play as in Soul Knight has a backstory, a different cost, and a unique starting weapon – after all, you wouldn’t expect a wizard to fire a shotgun, right? Is? And if you’ve ever wondered which of these mighty warriors should be your main character, keep reading because we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

    The best hero in Soul Knight

    What you can expect from a high-level Soul Knight character is not only power in terms of attack, but also good health points, energy and armor – this is to ensure that you stay alive as well. Be able to eliminate the enemies in time.

    You’ll be able to interact with all the characters in the lobby, where you can also learn a little about their personalities and what you can expect from them. Of course, not all heroes are created equal, so they can be unlocked in a variety of ways – from spending gems to buying them with real-life money or completing achievements.

    It’s also nice to know that all characters have alternate skins that a player can purchase. These will not affect the play style – only the appearance of the hero. This is important if you want to keep one or two characters as your main characters, but still want to change things up a bit visually.

    Each character can be unique to each player based on how they like to play the game. Keep in mind that not all S-tier units will be good enough for a player who doesn’t really enjoy playing them – at the end of the day, you should always choose a hero that you truly enjoy. Enjoy as much!

    So, what is the original Soul Knight tier list of all the best heroes? Let’s dive right in!

    Original article by Cristina Masison, updated by Mihail Katsouris.


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