Sonic Superstars – Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, & more!


    There’s a certain thrill in watching Sonic the Hedgehog blaze through dazzling landscapes, defying gravity, and saving the day. Fresh from the buzz of the widely praised Sonic Frontiers, it seems our blue hero isn’t ready to slow down just yet. Indeed, Sonic is once again lacing up his red shoes for a thrilling adventure, this time returning to where it all began – the world of 2D in Sonic Superstars. Here’s everything I know!

    Sonic Superstars release date

    Sonic Superstars will be launching October 17. This announcement came with a multiplayer gameplay trailer showcasing how chaotic the game can be.

    There’s also a battle mode where you’ll be pit against fellow players, so there’s probably a lot of fun to be had there. Local co-op will be a big selling point, so make sure you break out those controllers.

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    Sonic Superstars gameplay and trailer

    If you’re somebody who is well-versed in the history of Sonic, you’ll know he first made his claim to fame in the 2D realm before transitioning to 3D. Nowadays, fans are treated to both 3D and 2D Sonic games, and it’s looking like that’s working out quite well for Sega.

    Superstars take us back to 2D, and it looks like it retains the fluid and fast action the series has been known for. If you’ve played Sonic Mania or Origins, the latest 2D entries in the series, then Superstars will feel right at home. One significant way Superstars stands apart from the pack is the fact it has drop-in 4-player local co-op. This is the first time a game in the series has featured something like that, and it’ll likely be a big selling point.

    What characters are in Sonic Superstars?

    While Sonic is the main mascot of the series, his supporting cast is popular in its own right. From the trailer, we see Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy all look like they’ll be playable in some way. It can be assumed each character will have a distinct moveset like in previous entries, but the trailer did not confirm that. Signing up at the Sonic Superstars website will get you an exclusive Amy skin for launch.

    As for the villain, Dr. Eggman will return, and Fang’ll join him. Players will be given the familiar task of tracking down Chaos Emeralds across the various stages, but the different characters and co-op should help things feel fresh throughout.

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