Solas kills Bianca in Dragon Age: The Veilguard and fans are angry


    During the Dragon Age: The Veil Guard game reveal, Varric walks away from the group to try to reason with Solas. For a brief moment, as Varric calls out to Solas, you can see the regret on the Dreadwolf’s face. But the feeling you get as a fan and player of a series quickly disappears when Solas decides it’s okay to rip Bianca from Varric’s hands and tear her into pieces.

    Varric has carried Bianca for as long as the players have known him. When asked how Bianca got her name, Varric will only tell her that it is about a girl and a promise, and that it is the only story he will ever be able to tell.

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    What we do know is that Bianca is the name of Varric’s former dwarf lover, who is rarely seen in the Dragon Age series. She appears during the Dragon Age: Inquisition quest “Well, Shit,” and players can enjoy some banter between the pair that alludes to their past relationship (and which may not have ended as well as it seems). She also threatens the Inquisitor before leaving at the end of the mission, saying that she will feed them her own eyeballs if they kill Varric.

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    Bianca was also the person who finished off Varric’s incomplete crossbow. She tells people that she was created by Gerav, Varric’s old friend who had tried to create a repeating crossbow before going crazy from darkspawn contamination, but that is only half true. Gerav never finished Bianca’s crossbow; The fourteenth version of a repeating crossbow was sold to Varric unfinished, and he sought out another to complete it: Bianca Davri.

    With so much history behind the crossbow and several occasions in which Varric talks about his weapon, we players have never seen him without it. But when Solas decided to end the only connection Varric still has with Bianca, the fanbase prepared to go to war.

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    In the comments of the game’s reveal, there are several angry messages from players who are now out for Solas’s blood (not that we weren’t already?). My favorite is the game now called “Dragon Age: Revenge for Bianca.”

    Varric was one of the best companions of the Inquisition. He’s always been incredibly loyal and it was heartbreaking to include him in Dragon Age: The Veilguard. The anger of Dragon Age fans continues as more people see the game’s reveal, and we can only hope that Varric doesn’t end up the same way Bianca did… He sure seems to be in a dangerous position in this one. moment.

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