SnOut Beginners Guide And Gameplay Tips

Snout, the amazing game you didn’t know you wanted to play!

How to score big or die trying. A beginner’s guide to Snout with additional tips for all!

(There’ll be plenty of that (dying) as your skills improve before you score big, most likely!)

(This is my first real guide in a long time, so go easy on me, please!)

Snout: Not A Typical “Snake” Game

In a typical snake game, you control the head of a snake, move around the arena, picking up or “eating” squares, apples, etc., each of which makes your snake longer and gives you points, usually also increasing the speed with which the head of the snake (which you control) moves. The increase in speed and length of the snake increases the difficulty of the game, because it becomes more difficult to avoid your own snake’s body or the sides of the area in which you move. Some snake games have obstacles (e.g. rocks) that appear as time passes, further increasing difficulty because each time you run into anything, you die. If the game gives you multiple lives, it’s not game over, just lives reduced by one, unless it’s your last life, when dying becomes GAME OVER.

NOT SO in SnOut!

If you gather the coins that appear by running into them with the head, or “Snout,” of your “snake,” you gain coins but your score will not increase. Also, your game will probably be short because you’ll be playing in the small starting area.

Huh? BOUNCY body? Eating coins no give points?

Yes, it’s true! The way you earn points in SnOut is one point for each time the ball bounces off your BOUNCY snout body! This has another benefit; the ball is reflected from your bouncy body at a greater speed if it was moving its “normal speed,” so when the ball then hits one of the many edge “blocks” around the center, circular area where you begin the game, it becomes a bomb of sorts, expanding the central movement area by many more at once!

When it’s moving at the faster reflection speed, it removes or explodes a bunch of blocks instead of the 0-1 blocks it removes when hitting a block at normal speed. (Normally, the denser blocks will become less dense and the least dense blocks will be removed completely, one at a time, when hit by the normal-speed ball.)

First thing’s first: If you don’t own this free, small, addictive game, download it!

SnOut Beginners Guide And Gameplay Tips

Never mind what the “snake” looks like. I will refer to it (especially to the part you control, its “head”) as a Snout or head and the lengthening shaft/body as the Tail or Body, etc.

Note: The following step can be undertaken before you have Snout ready to play.

Although it may seem tedious at first, you’ll gain some much needed rapid movement skills by practicing with your controller of choice. If you choose to skip this step, that’s okay, because you’ll be doing it all the time while playing the game. However, if your fingers are slower than they used to be, for example, you might get some helpful practice.

  • There are four directions (or two, in L/R mode). Practice rapidly pressing adjacent buttons until you can do it quickly and without turning back in the WRONG direction, which will send the sensitive Snout into its own fleshy Body, ending the game. (All those nerve endings are too sensitive, even to hit the soft fleshiness of the Snout’s Tail/Body!)
  • If you need to, select your control scheme in the Options section of the Menu. You can use your mouse to access the menu in the upper-left corner of the game window, or by pressing m. In that Options menu, you can choose nothing, which will use the arrow keys to control, or you can choose a gamepad or the left-handed mode, which allows you to use the WASD keys. If your keyboard is an AZERTY keyboard, you can specify that also and use the WASD equivalents on your keyboard. The available controls for using the menu and other things should be listed in the bottom-right corner of the game window. I’ll discuss the game menu and options later in this guide.

    By now, you should have Snout and the fun can begin. It might not seem like fun at first, but keep practicing and, before you know it, you will have learned how to get your first 10-15 points and can start bouncing the ball into the sides of the movement area without running into yourself or the sides or the ball, all of which will end the game.

    • This is not the old snake game in which you eat dots or other objects to get points and add length to your snake.
    • Like that old snake game, however, the object of the game is to score points, during which time you will gain achievements and ranking on the leaderboards you see whenever the game ends. As of September 2021, the leaderboard has two sides:
    • On the <–LEFT is your all-time high score and its ranking (from which you can deduce how many players are still ahead of you on the list with higher scores) and the two players+scores above and below yours. At the top are the four best scores of all time.
    • Listed on the RIGHT–> is your monthly high score, along with other players’ monthly high scores. At the top are the four best scores of the current Gregorian month.
    • Names with an OG (Original Gangster?) next to them are, as far as I know, the names of the testers of the game before it went live here on Steam.

  • The first part of the game can be the most difficult.
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  • How to score points, including how to start with a quick point and length boost!
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  • The things that will end your game immediately
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  • Expanding your horizons: enlarging your playspace and moving to score points while avoiding sudden death
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  • I have much to do to make this a better guide, one worthy of praise or even acceptance. This is the rough draft so far, though…

    The Menu
    Block Styles
    • Change from QWERTY to QWERTZ mode
    • Change from left-handed control WASD vs cursor keys
    • Change from those to L-R mode
  • Change Name
    Exit Game

    The sequel, Snout2, is on its way! Expect the same game with more features, more modes, more game variations, and more:

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love SnOut Beginners Guide And Gameplay Tips that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Potentiality12. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.