SMITE Season 4 Terminology

SMITE-specific terminology, abbreviations, chat shorthands, as well as MOBA lingo commonly encountered in SMITE are all explained in concise and easily understandable terms.


AA. Auto-attack.

Ability. The castable skill of a character, mapped by default to keys 1–4. Differs from Passive.

Active. Active item.

Active item. A utility item that provides a temporary bonus or beneficial effect upon activation. Upon use actives go on cooldown before they can activated again. Players can carry up to two different actives. An active that has been purchased in the Fountain cannot be sold back anymore. See also Item.

ADC. Attack damage carry.

AD Carry. Attack damage carry.

AFK. Away from keyboard.

Aggress. To commit or receive aggression. Similar to Aggro.

Aggro. To be the target of enemy aggression or making oneself subject to such by e.g. attacking neutral Creeps. See also Tower aggro.

AMC. Ah Muzen Cab, a Hunter character.

AoE. Area of effect.

Area of effect. The area affected by an Ability, Passive or Item effect.

Arena. SMITE’s popular casual game mode where two teams of five players each are pitted against each other on a smaller, open map with a focus on team fights. A team loses if their ticket counter, starting at 500 tickets, runs out.

AS. Attack speed.

ASAP. As soon as possible.

Assassin. One of the character classes in SMITE composed of rather Squishy melee-based deities. They utilize physical power to boost their Basic attacks and Abilities (see also Steroid) and generally possess high mobility and single-target damage. Commonly played in the Jungler Role.

ATM. At the moment.

Attack damage carry. One of the Roles in Conquest commonly played in the Duo lane using an Auto-attack-based character (typically Hunter). The carry’s tasks include the following: farm the duo lane in the early to mid game to quickly get the late-game build online; carry team in the late game in team fights; Split-push lanes; help secure Gold Fury and Fire Giant. Also referred to as ADC, AD Carry, Carry. See also Hyper carry.

Attack speed. A stat that determines the amount of Basic attacks a character can perform in one second, which can be increased through leveling up and buying Items. A character’s maximum attack speed is 2.5. See also Swing time.

Attack speed buff. A temporary beneficial pickup (purple) dropped by the big Creep at the Attack speed buff camp. For the duration of 2 minutes it provides +16% Attack speed, +15 magical In-hand power and +12 physical in-hand power. If not picked up and left lying on the ground, it will despawn after 30 seconds. Also referred to as Purple or Purple buff.

Attack speed buff camp. A neutral Buff camp located in the Jungle (purple symbol) which houses the Attack speed buff and is guarded by three Creeps. The big Creep drops the damage buff when killed. Clearing the camp provides 91 Gold and 229 Exp. It spawns for the first time at the 10-second mark and respawns every 3 minutes once Cleared.

Auto-attack. Another term for Basic attack or for performing one.


Babysit. 1.To continually assist another player in Lane. Used rather contemptuously. 2.To cover a lane for an absent Laner so that the enemy cannot Push the Tower.

Back. 1.To retreat from an engagement. 2.To Recall back to Base. Similar to Base.

Backdoor. To attack a Structure or Titan without Minion wave support often using Abilities capable of Aggroing structures by themselves (Loki’s Decoy, Bastet’s cats, Nu Wa’s Clay Soldiers, etc). Originally, to take down a Structure out of chronological order with certain god Abilities which is no longer possible in SMITE.

Backdoor protection. A game mechanism that prevents Structures from being taken down out of chronological order (Backdoor). Additionally, it enables Structures and Titans to take less damage when attacked without Minion wave support. Certain gods with Abilities capable of Aggroing structures themselves (e.g., Nu Wa’s Clay Soldiers) cannot circumvent this damage-reduction penalty.

Back harpies. A Jungle camp in Conquest situated relatively closely to the first Tower of the Middle lane and to either side of it. Consists of two Small Furies and one Big Fury, providing 71 Gold and 170 Exp when killed. The camp respawns every 1:20 minutes once taken down. Compare Mid harpies.

Bait. To lure an enemy player into an area or trap specifically set up as an ambush.

Baka. 1.Bakasura, an Assassin God in SMITE. 2.Japanese for “idiot”.

Banish. A Hard crowd control. A banished player is knocked up in the air, cannot be hit or targeted, and cannot take any action nor move. See also Crowd control.

Base. 1.The walled-off area where a team’s Fountain and Titan is located at. 2.To Recall.

Basic attack. The basic attack of a god, bound by default to the left mouse button, which can either be a melee or ranged attack. As opposed to other MOBAs, even basic attacks are Skill shots in SMITE. Differs from Ability. See also Hit chain.

BBL. Be back later.

Beads. Purification Beads, an Active item to counter Crowd control.

Big Baby. Vamana, a Warrior character.

Blind. A Soft crowd control. A blinded player has his vision impaired. Cannot be Cleansed. See also Crowd control.

Blind pick. A type of character selection where the teams pick their characters simultaneously. Both teams are unaware which character the opposing side has picked until all the characters have been locked in and the loading screen appears. One and the same character can be locked in by one ally as well as one enemy at the same time. Compare Draft pick.

Blue. Blue buff. See Mana buff.

Blue buff. Mana buff.

BM. 1.Bad-mannered; rude. 2.To bad-mouth another player.

Body block. To intercept attacks directed at an ally by standing in direct line of sight of the enemy’s incoming attack. It is one of the fundamental concepts in SMITE.

Boots. Any rank of the various shoe Equipment items (such as Warrior’s Tabi), which grant a Movement speed bonus among other things.

Boxing. To duel the opponent up-close and often one-on-one.

BRB. Be right back.

Bruiser. A type of hybrid character that can deal a respectable amount of damage while also sporting a certain Tankiness due to high defenses or health. Warriors as well as the rare Assassin (Thor) fall in this category.

Buff. 1Any of five types of items (four of them being pickups) that provide various bonuses to the player for 2 or 4 minutes. Buffs are gained at neutral Buff camps by defeating the big Creep there and picking up the buff, or automatically granted by defeating the Fire Giant. The five buffs in SMITE are Attack speed buff, Damage buff, Mana buff, Speed buff, and the powerful Fire Giant buff. 2A change to the game that makes some aspect of it more effective or desirable. Opposite of Nerf.

Buff camp. Any of the eight neutral Jungle camps situated in various places on the Conquest map which house a Buff of some kind and are guarded by Creeps. The big Creep drops its respective Buff when killed. Clearing a buff camp provides 91 Gold and 229 Exp. Buff camps spawn for the first time 10 seconds into the match and respawn every 3 or 4 minutes once Cleared. See also Leash, Reset, Unleash.

Bug. A defect in the mechanics of the game that is not intended.

Build. A player’s chosen set of items, often including Actives, for his character. A player can carry up to six Equipment items at a time, two different Active items, and various Consumables.

Burn. To deal massive amounts of damage to such an Objective as Gold Fury or Fire Giant while the enemy team is Zoned out or completely unaware of what is happening.

Burst. To deal a large amount of damage in a very short amount of time. See also 100-0, Burn, Nuke.


Camp. 1Jungle camp. 2To lie in wait at a certain spot on the map as if to assail an enemy, Zone an enemy out, secure an Objective, or wait for an other event to unfold.

Camp timer. See Jungle camp timer.

Cap. A limit past which something (usually a stat) cannot rise.

Care. Careful.

Carry. 1Attack damage carry. 2A Hard crowd control. A player that is carried cannot take any action nor move. See also Crowd control.

CC. Crowd control.

CCR. Crowd-control reduction. The maximum amount of crowd-control reduction a character can have is 40%.

CD. Cooldown.

CDR. Cooldown reduction.

Chain. Hit chain.

Chase. To pursue an enemy as he is running away.

Choke. To misplay badly.

Cleanse. To remove negative Crowd control. Named after Hel’s second ability, which is called like this.

Clear. To defeat a Minion wave or taking down a jungle Buff camp. A God with good clear does so in very short time.

Clutch move. A well-timed, spot-on action while under pressure.

Cooldown. The minimum length of time the player needs to wait after using an Ability of his God before he can use it again.

Cooldown reduction. A stat that determines by how much the Cooldown of castable Abilities is reduced. The maximum amount of cooldown reduction a player can possess is 40%. Also often referred to as CDR.

Conquest. SMITE’s competitive game mode where two teams of five players each are pitted against each other on a larger, three-lane map with a Jungle area between the Lanes and with multiple Objectives to take down. A team loses if their Titan has been smitten.

Consumable item. An item type that comprises all consumable items (one-use only). There are two free slots for these. Consumables of the same kind can be stacked to a certain degree. See also Item.

Counterbuild. To acquire a specific Item or set of items in a running match to deal with a problematic enemy God better. Compare Counterpick.

Counterpick. To select a certain God whose nature or Kit deals with another god’s very efficiently and effectively. See Shutdown. Compare Counterbuild.

Creep. A popular term for Jungle monster.

Cripple. A Soft crowd control. A crippled player cannot use movement abilities like leaps or dashes. See also Crowd control.

Crit. Critical strike.

Critical strike. A physical Auto-attack that causes twice the amount of normal damage. The chance of hitting such an attack are zero percent by default for the vast majority of Gods, but can be raised up to 80% with the current pool of Equipment items. Certain abilities also raise the critical strike chance. Structures do not incur critical strikes.

Critical strike chance. A stat that determines how likely it is that a God‘s Basic attack turns into a Critical strike for twice the normal amount of damage.

Crowd control. An effect caused by an ability, attack, or item that temporarily reduces, disrupts, or entirely restricts, a player’s ability to move, fight, or take action, such as Root, Silence, Stun, etc. There are two types of crowd control in SMITE, Soft crowd control and Hard crowd control.


Damage buff. A temporary beneficial pickup (red) dropped by the big Creep at the Damage buff camp. For the duration of 2 minutes it provides +20% physical and magical damage and +10 magical power and +5 physical power. If not picked up and left lying on the ground, it will despawn after 30 seconds. Also referred to as Red or Red buff.

Damage buff camp. A neutral Buff camp located in the Jungle (red symbol) which houses the Damage buff and is guarded by three Creeps. The big Creep drops the damage buff when killed. Clearing the camp provides 91 Gold and 229 Exp. It spawns for the first time at the 10-second mark and respawns every 3 minutes once Cleared.

Damage reduction. A stat that determines by how much damage received is reduced.

DC. 1Disconnected. 2A player who disconnected from the match. See Rage-quit.

Debuff. A negative Buff which weakens a player in some way.

Def. Defend.

Defensive structure. See Structure.

Deicide. The state of a game when all players on a team are dead at the same time.

Delete. To obliterate an opponent without mercy or remorse.

Denton. The goofy cyclops that appears in the post-match scenes of various gods or in the occassional turntable ad of the client’s home scene.

Deny. Preventing an enemy from gaining a certain benefit (Farm, Gold, Experience, etc).

Diminishing returns. A duration penalty for certain effect types which only applies when multiple effects of the same or similar type stack upon another. This game mechanic exists to prevent players from, for instance, being Stun locked for too long. The penalty concerns Hard crowd controls (except Banish or Knockup), Slows, as well as stacks of Movement Speed bonuses. For Crowd controls, the penalty multiplier is \frac{1}{3}. For example, Ymir’s Frost Breath stun ability would last for the full 2.25s if applied first onto the target, 1.5s (66% of full duration) if applied second on top of another crowd control, and only 0.75s (33% of full duration) if applied as a third successive crowd-control effect.

Disorient. A Soft crowd control. A disoriented player has his camera viewpoint averted in a random direction. See also Crowd control.

Dive. To Tower dive.

DoT. Damage over time.

DPS. Damage per second.

DR. 1Diminishing returns. 2Damage reduction.

Draft pick. A type of God selection where all participants must first go through a banning phase and where no god can be picked by more than one player. Compare Blind pick.

Dunk. A flashy or rewarding kill, often achieved by using an aerial leap Ability.

Duo lane. The side lane on the Gold Fury side which is usually played by both an ADC and a Support. Its tier-one towers are farther apart from each other than in the Solo lane.

Durable. A God having a mixture of high health, armor, or resistances by means of various Equipment items, and thus being hard to kill. Also called Tanky. The opposite of Squishy.


Elo. A rating system for calculating the relative skill levels of players in competitive one-on-one games such as chess. Named after its creator, Arpad Elo[], a Hungarian-born American physics professor. SMITE recently adopted a different rating system, more fitting to its team-based focus, called MMR.

Equipment item. An item type comprising all items with passive bonuses and which can be bought for gold in a match. Certain equipment items are only accessible as a God of the magical or physical type. There are six open slots for this item type. See also Item.

Escape. An Ability of a God’s Kit that allows him to disengage a fight or flee from the enemy altogether. These kinds of abilities include dashes or leaps, but can also be Crowd controls (e.g., Stun, Mesmerize) that are disruptive enough for an escape window to open. Not every god has such an escape ability.

Etiquette. The customary code of polite behavior in the picking phase of a Conquest match for role calls but also during the game in general. See Role calls.

Exchange. To trade damage with an opponent in an engagement. Also known as Trade.

Exp. Experience.

Experience. Experience levels up Gods in a match and is gained in various ways (e.g., by taking down opponents and Clearing Minions or Jungle camps).


F6. To surrender an often hopeless match. Named after the in-game keyboard shortcut with the same name and function. Compare F7.

F7. To refuse to surrender even in futile situations. Named after the in-game keyboard shortcut with the same name and function. Compare F6.

Farm. To gain Gold, Experience, or Stacks by mainly killing Minion waves. Last-hitting minions gives 50% more gold. If a Tower targets a minion, that minion will fail to yield any gold. See Last-hitting.

Farm lane. A Duo lane with a team composition set out to Farm rather than kill (e.g., Neith and Geb). Compare Kill lane.

Fat finger. To use an Ability or Item by mistake, typically caused by one finger clumsily striking two keys at the same time.

Fat Loki. Slang for Cabrakan, a Guardian-class character in SMITE from the Mayan Pantheon.

Favor. An in-game currency gained by playing coop and PVP matches. Favor can be used for unlocking Gods, various costumes (recolors; golden and legendary skins), and most character emotes. Compare Gems.

Fear. A Hard crowd control. A player that is under the effect of fear cannot use Abilities and is forced to run in a certain direction as if confused. See also Crowd control.

Feed. To die a disproportionate amount to the enemy team and have a very unfavorable kill/death ratio as a result. A player that is fed has gained a lot of kills over the course of the game and is therefore disproportionately ahead in terms of Experience and Gold which directly translate into god levels and Items.

FG. Fire Giant.

Fire Giant. A tough boss monster and major Objective in Conquest located in the middle of the Jungle at the side of the Solo lane. It spawns at the 10-minute mark. Securing it provides 150 Gold and 200 Exp to each member on the team. It also grants the temporary Fire Giant buff to all team members that were alive at the time of its defeat. Once defeated Fire Giant respawns every 5 minutes. Compare Gold Fury.

Fire Giant buff. A temporary Buff automatically granted to all players on a team that were alive at the time of defeating the Fire Giant. For the duration of 4 minutes it provides +70 magical power, +50 physical power, +4% health regeneration and +2% mana regeneration every 5 seconds. Damage to Towers and Phoenixes is also increased by 20%.

Fire minion. Minions with increased damage, defenses, and health that spawn in their respective Lane for as long as the opposing Phoenix of that lane stays down.

First blood. The first kill in a match which awards the killer a 200 Gold bonus.

Fluffer. A type of player whose natural positivity keeps the team or certain team mates in high spirits even at low points in a match.

Focus. To attack a specific, high-priority target in a team fight (normally one of high strategic value such as the enemy ADC) until it is dead or out of reach.

Fog of War. A certain distance threshold where enemies are visible without relying on Wards.

Fountain. A platform located in each team’s Base where Gods respawn after death, regenerate health and mana, and can purchase Items in the item store (Shop).

Freeze. Lane freeze.

FTW. For the win.


Gank. To gang up on a target enemy player with the intent to take him down in quick fashion and with little resistance. This is usually done by sneaking up on him.

Gems. An in-game currency only attainable with real-world money. Gems are used to unlock all kinds of in-game goodies (e.g., Gods, cosmetics) as well as gem-exclusive stuff (e.g., premium and exclusive skins, treasure chests, boosters). Compare Favor.

GF. Gold Fury.

GG. Good game.

GGWP. Good game, well played.

GJ. Good job.

GL. Good luck.

God. Player characters in SMITE who are divided in different Pantheons and themed more or less after mythological gods.

Gold. The in-game currency used to buy Items during a running match.

Gold Fury. A tough boss monster and major Objective in Conquest located in the middle of the Jungle at the side of the Duo lane. It spawns at the 10-second mark, and respawns every 5 minutes once defeated. Securing Gold Fury yields a certain amount of gold and XP to each team member dead or alive: The value of the Gold Fury kill scales team gold starting at 150 and gaining +10 per minute of game time to a maximum of 350; the value of the Gold Fury kill scales team XP starting at 100 and gaining +10 per minute of game time to a maximum of 250. Compare Fire Giant.

Guardian. One of the God classes in SMITE composed of rather Tanky magical deities who in lieu of high damage generally possess a larger amount of Crowd-control Abilities and whose Kit is designed in such a way as to give them certain capabilities to protect their allies. Commonly played in the Support Role.


Harass. To put pressure on an enemy God by causing damage with little risk of retaliation.

Hard CC. Hard crowd control.

Hard crowd control. A type of Crowd control that disrupts the channeling of abilities. Forced actions, such as caused by Intoxicate, also classify as such. Banish, Carry, Fear, Intoxicate, Knockback, Knockup, Madness, Mesmerize, Pull, Silence, Stasis, Stun, Taunt all qualify as Hard CC. The other type of Crowd control is called Soft crowd control.

Harpies. A collective term that refers to both Back harpies and Mid harpies.

Heal. To refill a portion of one’s own or an ally’s health points often by means other than normal health regeneration. Certain Abilities as well as Items have a healing effect.

Hold. To hold a Lane for a teammate to either return in time to Farm it off, or to keep the lane from being pushed too hard (up to the tower, etc.) by the enemy.

HF. Have fun.

Hit chain. A sequence of Auto-attacks in which the starter, connecting, and ending hit differ in terms of animation, as well as damage Progression and Attack speed. Only a limited pool of gods possess these (e.g., Loki) as it is considered a favorable god trait.

HOG. Hand of the Gods. An Active item mainly used for securing Objectives.

HOG3. The third tier of the Active item Hand of the Gods (called Wrath of the Gods) which upon use deals 1000 damage to jungle camps and objectives like Gold Fury and Fire Giant. Often a staple item for Supports.

HP. Health points or hit points.

HP5. Health regeneration per 5 seconds.

Hunter. One of the God classes in SMITE composed of ranged physical archer deities. Their main source of damage stems from Basic attacks. Commonly played in the ADC Role or, lesser so, as Solo.

Hyper carry. An Auto-attack-based God that has an extremely weak early or mid game, but scales extremely well in the late game up to the point of being nearly unstoppable if well fed or well farmed. The extreme version of a Carry. Examples for hyper carries are Freya, Kali, Mercury.


IDC. I don’t care.

In-hand. Another term for Basic attack and which is often part of a Hit chain.

Initiate. To engage or start a team fight. The initiating player may act as Bait or cast Crowd-control Abilities suitable for providing an opening in the enemy’s defenses.

Innate. Obsolete term for Passive.

Intoxicate. A Hard crowd control. An intoxicated player is forced to move, uncoordinated and as if drunk, in a certain direction. See also Crowd control.

Invade. To enter the enemy’s Jungle with the intention of killing the enemy unexpectedly or steal their Jungle buffs.

Item. The three types of items in SMITE are Equipment items, Active items, and Consumable items. Items can be purchase for Gold at the Fountain for the duration of the match.


Joust. A simplified version of the Conquest game mode, with only a single Lane. The casual variant has three players per team pitted against each other while the League version is strictly one versus one.

Juggernaut. Computer-controlled siege weapons similar to Minions that push Lanes more quickly and which are exclusive to the Siege game mode in SMITE. Killing minions, jungle camps, and other players contributes to spawning such siege weapons. Killing the central Jungle camp instantly spawns a juggernaut. See Siege.

Juke. To perform deceptive, evasive maneuvers with a God while moving, so as to delude the opponent, making it harder for the opponent to predict where one is heading. Used mainly to escape while being chased, or to make enemies miss their attacks.

Jungle. The area between the Lanes that houses the Buff camps and other important Jungle camps like Gold Fury and Fire Giant.

Jungle camp. Any of the following camps located in the Jungle in Conquest: Buff camps, Mid harpies, Back harpies, Fire Giant, Gold Fury. See also Camp timers.

Jungle camp timer. The amount of time it takes for a Jungle camp to respawn. Buff camps — every 3 or 4 minutes; Mid harpies — every 3 minutes; Back harpies — every 1:20 minutes; Fire Giant and Gold Fury — every 5 minutes.

Jungle monster. Collective term for any type of neutral Creep guarding a Jungle camp.

Jungler. One of the Roles in Conquest commonly played using a highly mobile God (Assassin). The jungler’s domain is the Jungle, the area between the lanes. The Jungler’s tasks include the following: Farm the Jungle and Leech off Mid and Solo lanes; Rotate between lanes and support with timely Ganks (while prioritizing solo lane in very early game); secure jungle camps (esp. right Mid Harpies) together with team (shared camp Experience and Gold); initiate team fights or finish off weak opponents.

Jungling. To play the Jungler role.


Karl. Unofficial name for the Juggernaut given by the Smite reddit community.

Kill lane. A Duo lane with a team composition set out to kill rather than Farm. Compare Farm lane.

Kill secure. To deal the finishing blow to an opponent with low health and thereby obtaining the kill for the team.

Kill steal. To steal a kill from an allied player by getting the last hit on the enemy god which was very likely to go down to the ally anyway. Also often referred to as KS.

Kit. A God’s Abilities including his Passive.

Kite. To attack an enemy with ranged attacks or Abilities while maintaining a safe distance and avoiding taking damage.

Knockback. A Hard crowd control. A player that is knocked back (usually away from the point of cast or behind it) cannot use abilities. See also Crowd control.

Knockup. A Hard crowd control. A player that is knocked up into the air cannot take any action. He can still be dealt damage even when airborne. See also Crowd control.

KS. Kill steal.


L2P. Learn to play.

Lag. Slow response during a match due to connection, network, or server issues or, lesser so, due to an underperforming gaming system. Severe lag may result in disconnects from the game.

Lag spike. A sudden and often momentary period of severe Lag.

Lane. 1Any of the lanes in Conquest (Solo, Mid, or Duo) or the other game modes.2To play a certain lane Role.

Lane freeze. A form of Farm denial in Lane. As opposed to Lane push, enemy minions clashing with allied minions are nothing but Last-hit or not hit at all while the enemy is being absent from lane or Zoned out of assist range. This ensures that allied minions are gunned down by enemy minions in lieu of the enemy laner so that the enemy can no longer farm those minions off for gold and experience. Using this tactic the point in lane where the minions clash can be transferred in whatever direction the minion wave with the larger amount of minions is pushing. The opposite of Lane push.

Lane push. To advance in Lane by Clearing minion waves fast with the intention of destroying that lane’s Towers or Phoenix. Also known as Push. The opposite of Lane freeze.

Laner. The player responsible for his respective Lane (Solo, Middle, ADC).

Last-hitting. To land the killing blow on an enemy Minion or neutral Creep. Doing so gives 50% more Gold and is an integral part of efficient Farming.

League. SMITE’s ranked game mode where players compete against each other during year-long seasons in Conquest and 1-v-1 Joust matches. Each season is broken up into several two-month rounds. At the end of each round and at the end of a season players receive rewards (such as icons and badges) based on their placement. Only players that have mastered at least 16 Gods and reached level 30 are eligible to participate in League. See also League tiers.

League tiers. Leagues are broken up into five tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond) with five divisions each, and one Masters tier.

Leash. To have a Jungle camp Aggroed by e.g. a Minion wave. Compare Pull.

Leech. To get within assist range of an ally Farming in order to get shared Experience and Gold but thereby reducing the amount of farm in the process that ally is getting.

Lifesteal. A positive character attribute that allows for a certain percentage of damage dealt to be regained as health points. Lifesteal only applies to Auto-attacks and a few Abilities.


Madness. A Hard crowd control. A player under the effect of madness is forced to Auto-attack his allies, or walk harmlessly towards the caster of the Ability with this effect. See also Crowd control.

Mage. One of the God classes in SMITE composed of relatively Squishy, high-Burst magical deities. Commonly played as Solo or Middle.

Mana buff. A temporary beneficial pickup (blue) dropped by the big Creep at the Mana buff camp. For the duration of 2 minutes it provides +5 mana per second and grants +10% cooldown reduction. If not picked up and left lying on the ground, it will despawn after 30 seconds. Also referred to as Blue, Blue buff, or Cooldown buff.

Mana buff camp. A neutral Buff camp located in the Jungle (blue trinket symbol) which houses the Mana buff and is guarded by Creeps. The big Creep drops the buff when killed. Clearing the camp provides 91 Gold and 229 Exp. It spawns for the first time at the 10-second mark and respawns every 4 minutes once Cleared.

Map. A diagrammatic representation of the arena the battle takes places in, displayed by default at the top right corner of the player’s screen.

Map awareness. The capability of being conscious of the game state and events occurring in the match even under pressure. Items like Wards help increase Map vision and thereby also assist with map awareness.

Map control. Having vision and influence over important areas or Objectives around the Map. Ways to increase map control include destroying Structures and placing Wards.

Map objective. A goal which goes towards winning the match. These tasks include getting the Jungle buffs, slaying Gold Fury and Fire Giant, and destroying Structures.

Map vision. The ability to see strategic portions of the map covered in Fog of War by use of Wards.

Merc. Mercury, an Assassin God in SMITE.

Mesmerize. A Hard crowd control. A mesmerized player is immobilized and cannot use Abilities. The effect ends prematurely whenever he is dealt damage. See also Crowd control.

Meta. Metagame. The game’s current conventions or playstyle, pertaining to such aspects as lane setup and jungling, starting positions and openings, character choice and team composition, itemization and build order.

MIA. Missing in action. Called when an enemy player is missing in Lane. Same as Miss or SS. Obsolete.

Mic. Microphone.

Mid. One of the Roles in Conquest played in the Middle lane using high-damage Gods (Mage) with good mobility and top-notch Clear. Mid’s tasks include the following: Farm middle lane and keep tabs on enemy Rotations (crossing middle lane); Secure right Mid Harpies with teammates (Jungler, Solo); Rotate to lanes for Ganks and team fights. Also refered to as Middle.

Middle. Mid or Middle lane.

Middle lane. The Lane located in the center of the Conquest map and which is usually played by the Middle role. See Middle.

Mid harpies. A Jungle camp in Conquest situated in the center of the map on either side of the Middle lane. It consists of two Big Furies, providing 90 Gold and 220 Exp when killed. The camp spawns for the first time at the 10-second mark and respawns every 3 minutes once taken down. Compare Back harpies.

Minion. Computer-controlled lane soldiers, either ranged or melee, who relentlessly Push their respective Lane until they encounter opposition. Minions spawn in Minion waves at their respective lane’s Phoenix approximately every 30 seconds. Compare Fire minion.

Minion wave. A whole wave of Minions composed of ranged and melee fighters that spawn in their respective lane approximately every 30 seconds. Also referred to as Wave.

Minotaur. Titan. Obsolete.

Miss. Missing enemy. Called when an enemy player is missing from the Lane. Same as MIA, Miss, or SS. Obsolete.

MMR. Matchmaking rating. A rating system for calculating the relative skill levels of players in team-based competitive multiplayer games such as DOTA or SMITE. The individual MMR values of players are taken for the best possible matchmaking results (the aim is to have teams that are up against each other have even or similar skill levels). SMITE players can check their MMR rating on websites like SmiteGuru[] (still refered there as Elo) but not in-game.

MOBA. Multiplayer online battle arena.

MOTD. Match of the Day. The custom casual game mode of the day.

Movement speed. A stat which determines how fast a God can move and which can be increased with Items or by using specific god Abilities also known as Steroids. Movement speed caps at a value of 1000.

MP. Mana points.

MP5. Mana regeneration per 5 seconds.

MS. Movement speed.

MVP. Most valuable player. In competitive SMITE the best-performing player of a single match or match series is awarded the title of MVP by the casting team or via community vote.


N1. Nice one.

Nem. Nemesis, an Assassin God in SMITE from the Greek Pantheon.

Nerf. A change to the game that makes something (often a God) less effective or desirable. Opposite of Buff.

Noob. 1A beginner player. 2More often used offensively in the sense of “bad player”.

NP. No problem.

Nuke. An ability that deals a lot of damage in one Burst not uncommonly affecting a whole area (as opposed to a single spot). Usually a high-damaging Ultimate like Poseidon’s “Release the Kraken!” See also 100-0, Burst.


Objective. See Map objective.

OMG. Oh my god.

OMW. On my way.

OOM. Out of mana.

OP. Overpowered.

Orange buff. See Speed buff.

Outpush. Push.

Overextend. To pursue a goal to such an excessive degree that one is apt to end up in an unfavorable situation. For example, a player moving too far into enemy territory without Wards, or Tower diving in the early game.


Pantheon. Gods in SMITE are divided up and based upon seven different pantheons currently (Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, Mayan, Norse, Roman).

Passive. The passive Ability of a God which has a permanent effect.

Passive play. To avoid encounters or other risky plays with the intention to Farm until a certain point, usually the late game, because one is behind in levels or Items.

Peel. 1To force an enemy away from an ally by inflicting enough damage, applying negative Crowd control effects, or sheer presence. 2To shield an ally from taking further damage (often by ways of Body blocking). See also Zone.

Pen. Penetration.

Penetration. A stat that determines by how much the physical and magical defense of a target is ignored when damage is dealt. Penetration can only be increased by buying Equipment items and by some Abilities. A god’s maximum penetration value is 50. Penetration affects Gods, Jungle monsters, Minions, Objectives, Structures.

Phoenix. A Defensive structure that defends a team’s Base. Phoenixes cause more damage than Towers to their targets. Only if all towers of a Lane have fallen can the phoenix of that lane be damaged and eventually be taken down. Damage to phoenixes is not permanent. If not taken down completely, a phoenix will slowly regain health over time while out of combat. Also, a dead phoenix respawns every 4 minutes, with a quarter of its health bar restored. While it slowly regains health over time, its maximum health and damage is halved for the remainder of the game. Only Basic attacks damage phoenixes, but not Abilities. Like any Structure, phoenixes are subject to the Backdoor protection mechanic. Compare Tower, Titan.

Poke. A form of harassment utilizing long-range attacks while maintaining a safe position in order to chip away at the enemy’s health.

Pot. Potion.

Pref. Preferred. Often used in Role calls in the lobby prior to a match, such as “ADC pref.”

Proc. To trigger or activate an Ability or Item effect. The term is possibly short for Programmed Random OCcurrence, a special process or event triggering randomly under certain circumstances in programming.

Progression. The damage progression on a Hit chain which can vary depending on where in the chain the hit stands (start, middle, or end). Starter and ending hits usually have a higher damage multiplier and a higher Swing time.

PTS. Public Test Server. A separate server where new updates to the game can be tested by the community prior to release. Requires the download and installation[] of a completely separate client.

Pull. 1To Aggro the Creeps of a Jungle camp by doing the first hit on any Creep.2A Hard crowd control in which the player that is pulled (always towards the point of cast) cannot use abilities. See Crowd control.

Purple. Purple buff. See Attack speed buff.

Purple buff. See Attack speed buff.

Push. See Lane push.

Push to win. A play call which signals one final Push to end the game in which the enemy Titan is expected to be dealt with.


Qin’s [pronounced “Chin’s”]. Qin’s Sais, an Equipment item.

Que. 1.Misspelling of “queue” 2.Okay in Spanish

Queue dodging. To shut down the game client or disconnect from the internet during the God selection process to avoid playing the match.

Quitter. A person who Rage-quits.


Rage-quit. To leave a running match prematurely out of anger or frustration.

Re. Returned. Called when an enemy has returned to Lane. Obsolete.

Recall. A universal ability to teleport back to Base by pressing the B key.

Red. Red buff.

Red buff. Damage buff.

Rekt. Wrecked or utterly destroyed.

Reset. 1To disengage and return to one’s designated position on the map or in Lane. 2To deaggro a Jungle camp so that it does not go down and slowly regains health.

Role. The main function assumed by a player in a given match. There are five roles in Conquest (ADC, Jungler, Middle, Solo, Support).

Roam. To move about the map, invading the enemy Jungle, or Ganking other Lanes, rather than staying put in one’s lane.

Role call. Before the start of a match Etiquette in SMITE has it that players call out their preferred Role in lobby chat such as “ADC Pref.” In casual play, where character picks are done simultaneously (Blind pick), it goes that whoever calls the role first in lobby chat, gets it. In ranked play (League) players pick in order of appearance on screen from top to bottom (Draft pick), and the players higher up on the list get role pick priority over the lower ones. Here role calls in lobby chat only play a secondary role and express only so much as a wish to play a certain role; the higher up players still get to pick their character first.

Root. A Soft crowd control. A player that is rooted cannot move. See also Crowd control.

Rotate. To temporarily leave one’s Lane to accomplish other things, like helping out team mates in their lane or taking down Objectives. This is usually only done if the Minion wave has been pushed in order not to miss out on free Farm or getting one’s Tower destroyed.

RQ. Rage-quit.


Sash. Warlock’s Sash, an Equipment item in SMITE; Ne Zha’s third Ability.

Secure. To Clear an objective.

Sentry Ward. A more expensive version of the regular Ward, with the added benefit of making enemy wards within range completely visible. Enemy wards that are visible can be taken down with three successful basic attacks. Compare Ward.

Shoes. See Boots.

Shop. See Fountain.

Shotcaller. A player who calls or orchestrates certain plays on the team, such as when Ganking, Focusing a specific enemy in team fights, or when securing objectives like Gold Fury. A team can have more than one shotcaller at a time. Specific roles like jungler, support, and mid lend themselves more to being shotcallers than others.

Shutdown. 1To deny an enemy Farm. 2To be effective in a match by means of Harrassment, Counterpicking, or Counterbuilding.

Siege. A 4-v-4 Conquest-like game mode but with only two Lanes and in which siege weapons called Juggernauts can be summoned to Lane-push more quickly.

Siege Juggernaut. See Juggernaut.

Silence. A Hard crowd control. A silenced player is prevented from using Abilities. See also Crowd control.

Skill. See Ability.

Skill shot. An attack which does not automatically lock onto a target but, instead, requires the player to aim for it to hit. In other words, an unassisted attack. Even Basic attacks are skill shots in SMITE, and the vast majority of god Abilities are so as well.

Slow. A Soft crowd control. A player under the effect of a slow suffers a movement speed reduction. The majority of Soft crowd controls in SMITE are slows. See also Crowd control.

Smurf. A secondary account created for extended ranked play in order to avoid losing Elo on the main account in the long run and risking a demotion to a lower tier or division.

Snowballing. To get exponentially stronger than the enemy by amassing an extraordinary amount of kills and Farm and therefore being far ahead in levels and items.

Snipe. To shoot down a target from a long distance away often without vision or line of sight.

Soft CC. Soft crowd control.

Soft crowd control. A type of Crowd control that doesn’t disrupt the channeling of abilities, but affects the player in a different way (e.g., reduction in movement). Soft crowd controls are Blind, Cripple, Disorient, Root, Slow. The other type of Crowd control is called Hard crowd control.

Solo. One of the Roles in Conquest played in the Solo lane by a wide variety of god classes (Mage, Warrior, Assassin). Solo’s task includes the following: Farm solo lane and counterbuild against enemy Solo; Rotate for Securing right Mid Harpies in early to mid game; Push solo lane in order to be freer for doing rotations.

Solo lane. The side lane on the Fire Giant side which is played by the Solo laner. Its tier-one towers are closer to each other than in the Duo lane.

Solo laner.

Spam. To rapidly or repeatedly use the Abilities of a god’s Kit.

Speed. Speed buff.

Speed buff. A temporary beneficial pickup (yellow) dropped by the big Creep of the Speed buff camp. For the duration of 2 minutes it provides +20% movement speed. If not picked up and left lying on the ground, it will despawn after 30 seconds. Also referred to as Orange buff, Speed, Yellow, Yellow buff.

Speed buff camp. A neutral Buff camp located in the Jungle (yellow symbol) which houses the Speed buff and is guarded by Creeps. The big Creep drops the buff when killed. Clearing the camp provides 91 Gold and 229 Exp. It spawns for the first time at the 10-second mark and respawns every 4 minutes once Cleared.

Split push. To Push in two different spots at once, when, for example, a team fight is fought at the Fire Giant and the ADC, not participating in the fight, pushes the Duo lane instead, or when two Lanes are being pushed at the same time.

Squishy. Easy to kill due to low health, no protections, etc. The opposite of Durable or Tanky.

Sry. Sorry.

SS. Miss.

Stack. 1To amass stacks for Items with a passive stacking effect (e.g., Devourer’s Gauntlet) or for a god’s Passive (e.g., Ne Zha’s Immortal Spirit) by performing a certain action, such as killing enemy targets or performing successful Basic attacks. 2To carry more than one Consumable item of the same type (e.g., two Wards).

Starter item. Any of the five items labeled as such in the game whose purpose it is to help with the early game. The starter items are Bluestone Pendant, Bumba’s Mask, Death’s Toll, Mark of the Vanguard, Vampiric Shroud, and Watcher’s Gift. These items cost 800 Gold each and usually have 1–3 beneficial stats and a potent passive ability.

Stasis. A Hard crowd control. A player under the effect of stasis cannot take any action. Stasis is a self-inflicted Crowd control triggered by using Aegis Amulet. See also Crowd control.

Steal. 1To Clear the enemy Jungle camps before the enemy can by landing the Last hit on the Creeps (see also Invade). 2To snatch Jungle buffs from allies.

Steroid. An Ability or Passive which increases a player’s damage, chance to land Crits, Movement speed, Attack speed, or any combination of those things. Also referred to in-game as Stim.

Stim. See Steroid.

Structure. A collective terms that refers to both Towers and Phoenixes, both of which can be taken down in a match. Structures are subject to the Backdoor protection mechanic.

Stun. A Hard crowd control. A player that is stunned can neither move nor activate Abilities. See also Crowd control.

Sup. Support.

Supp. Support.

Support. One of the Roles in Conquest commonly played by Tanky characters (Guardian, Warrior). The support’s tasks include: do everything to get teammates ahead; Leech from Middle lane and Jungle for farm and control the time spent in duo lane; Rotate between lanes and help in team fights; help secure and steal Mid Harpies, Gold Fury, Fire Giant or Jungle buff camps often using HOG3. Also referred to as Sup or Supp.

Sustain. A God’s capacity (innate or acquired through Items) to stay for a long amount of time in lane or in fights without having to recharge mana or health by means of returning to Base.

SWC. SMITE World Championship.

Swing time. The Attack speed of Basic attacks that are part of a Hit chain.

SWK. Sun Wukong, a Warrior God in SMITE from the Chinese Pantheon.


anky. The ability of a God to withstand a lot of damage due to high defenses such as is the case with most Guardians.

Taunt. A Hard crowd control. A taunted player is slowed down in his movement and forced to Auto-attack and chase the caster of the ability with this effect. See also Crowd control.

Tier. A level or grade within a rating system called tier lists that rank characters according to their overall power level in the current Conquest Meta. The tiers typically range from D (worst) to C, B, A, S, and S+ up to SS (best) after a fashion from fighting games.

Titan. The strongest boss monster in the game who is guarding a team’s Base and the ultimate Objective in Conquest to win the game. Titans can move freely within the general area of their team’s base in order to attack and chase enemy Gods and Minions. The more Defensive structures are taken out, the weaker the titan gets. As long as at least one enemy Phoenix is up, the enemy titan will regain health over time while out of combat. As long as all three phoenixes are down, damage to the titan is permanent except if the titan is Reset in his zone whereby he instantly regains 15% of his HP. Titans can be damaged by god Abilities as well as Basic attacks; they are, however, immune to Crowd-control effects. Like Structures, titans are subject to the Backdoor protection mechanic.

Tilt. A state of emotional or mental frustration in which a player adopts a less than optimal strategy, usually resulting in overly aggressive or careless play. A common way to get on tilt is being defeated in repeated, particularly public, or humiliating fashion.

Tower. A Defensive structure that defends a Lane. Towers can only be taken down in strictly chronological order which means that the tier-one tower of a lane must fall before the tier-two tower of that lane can be damaged. Only Basic attacks (including those of Minions) can damage towers, but not Abilities. Any damage to towers is permanent, and they do not respawn. Like any Structure, towers are subject to the Backdoor protection mechanic. Compare Phoenix, Titan.

Tower aggro. To be targeted by an enemy Tower. Each subsequent tower projectile that hits deals an additional 20% damage. See also Aggro and Tower dive.

Tower dive. Assaulting an enemy under his tower, often without minion support, and taking Tower aggro (and a lot of tower damage) as a result. Also referred to as Dive.

Tower hug. To stay under a Tower or Phoenix to deter enemies from attacking.

Trade. See Exchange.

Tunnel vision. The tendency to focus so exclusively on a specific target that one loses awareness for one’s situation and surroundings.


Ult. Ultimate.

Ultimate. A God’s fourth Ability which is usually his most powerful one.

Unleash. To leave the Leash circle of a Jungle camp and thereby Resetting it in its place. Unleashed jungle monsters (including Gold Fury and Fire Giant) will slowly regain health over time.

UP. Underpowered.


VGS. Voice guided system. A library of preset voice commands for callouts in the game accessed by pressing the V key.

Vision. The ability to see an enemy or Objective either through direct line of sight or through Ward coverage.


Ward. 1A Consumable item invisible to the enemy that allows seeing enemy movement within 60 feet of its placement. Wards respect line of sight, cannot spot through walls, and remain for 3 minutes on the map or until killed. Visible enemy wards can be destroyed with three Basic attacks. Compare Sentry Ward. 2Placing a ward.

Warrior. One of the God classes in SMITE composed of rather Durable physical melee-based deities who strike a balance between resisting and dealing a fair amount of damage while sporting a good deal of Sustain. Played in various Roles, such as Jungle, Solo, or Support.

Wave. Minion wave.

Whoop. 1Freya’s Banish Ability 2To perform Freya’s Banish ability.

WP. Well played.


Xballer. Xbalanque, a Hunter God in SMITE from the Mayan Pantheon.

Xp. Experience.


Yellow. Yellow buff. See Speed buff.

Yellow buff. Speed buff.


Zapulate. To soundly outplay the opponent in a clutch situation by sheer display of skill or showmanship. Named after Steven “Zapman” Zapas, the world’s most influential SMITE ADC.

Zoning. 1To keep the opponent outside a certain perimeter through sheer presence or kill potential. Zoning in lane is used as a form of farm denial in combination with Lane freeze. Zoning can also be used to keep the enemy from stealing certain objectives like Gold Fury or Fire Giant. 2To Peel for allies in peril.

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