Silent Hill Fans Discover Secret Messages in Townfall Trailer


Some resourceful Silent Hill fans are unearthing secret messages hidden in the trailer for the recently announced Silent Hill: Townfall game.

Fans have discovered secret messages hidden within the trailer for the just announced Silent Hill: Fall of the city play.

By GamesRadarselected viewers Silent Hill: Townfall’The first hint trailer for hints at the behest of Jon McKellan, head of development studio No Code. Between scenes of ebbing tides, a flickering portable TV, and flashes of graphic body horror, fans on Reddit spotted a hidden message buried in the trailer’s audio. When analyzed as a spectrogram, the audio track spells out the mysterious phrase: “Whatever heart this city had, it has now stopped.” Fans had to pass the audio through various frequencies to reveal the full message, leading to much speculation about the game’s potential narrative focus.

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Playing the audio backwards, other resourceful players also discovered a reference to a character named Alessa, introduced in previous games as a tortured girl revered by the evil Silent Hill government. The character, introduced in the original. Silent Hill, is also revealed to be the cause of the city’s unremitting curse. An SOS message sent in Morse code was also found, along with the words “Your flesh is weak”. Based on these findings, some users speculate that fall of the city will focus on exploring the disturbing backstory of Silent Hill and how it came to be.

Silent Hill: Fall of the city was one of five new projects announced during the recent Silent Hill Live streaming, all of which revolve around the mist-shrouded mountain town of the same name. Little is known about the game, though developer No Code is best known for its interactive storytelling experiences like untold stories Y Observation. The main announcement was a new version of silent hill 2, much to the delight of series veterans who have begged Konami for years to introduce the classic to a new generation of gaming fans. The remake will be released on Windows and as a timed console exclusive on PlayStation 5.

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Other announced projects included a spin-off title set in 1960s Japan called silent hill n, which fans believe focuses on a dangerous fungus infecting a small rural town. A 2006 sequel Silent Hill The film has also been unveiled and will see original director Christophe Gans return to the helm, though no further casting details were revealed. It will directly adapt the story of silent hill 2with Gans describing it as more of a “psychological horror” than the original.

There is no publication information about Silent Hill: Fall of the city it is known, although the developer has said that it will reveal more about the project in 2023.

Source: Reddit, via GamesRadar

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