Should you replay missions in Armored Core 6?


    When you complete a mission in Armored Core 6, you’re given the option of replaying it at any time going forward. However, if you’re here, you’re probably wondering if replaying missions is even worth your time. What do you get for doing so, and should you even bother? If these are questions in your mind, then you’ve come to the right place for clarity.

    Is it worth replaying missions in Armored Core 6?

    The surefire answer to this question is yes: It is worth replaying missions in Armored Core 6 for a few worthwhile reasons. The most gameplay-impacting reason is that you can farm high payout missions for currency. Armored Core parts are quite expensive, so being able to farm large amounts of money, anytime you like, to build the mechs you like, is rather useful.

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    If you’re more of a completionist or just looking for a challenge, replaying missions allows you to earn reward ranks for their completion. The higher the rank you earn, the more money you’ll earn to put toward new AC parts. S Rank is the highest rank, and getting a S Rank will earn you the largest payout.

    Beyond that, it’s worth replaying missions to challenge yourself. Self-improvement is often its own reward, as they say. You’ll be replaying several missions anyway once you reach New Game+ due to the new content available to you. Starting off though, it is still worth your time to reattempt the missions you’ve already completed. Hope this helps, Reader.

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