Should you kill or be eaten by Tal Ratha in Remnant 2?


    I was faced with choice after choice once I began my Remnant 2 journey. Traveling through worlds left me having to decide between NPCs, my actions, and more. After solving a challenging door puzzle and finishing up my time in N’erud, I had another choice. Do I kill Tal Ratha or let it eat me?

    Tal Ratha Choice Explained – Remnant 2

    Tal Ratha gives you two choices: you can fight and defeat it in combat, or you can choose to be eaten by it. Both outcomes will lead to you fighting a boss, but the boss you face and the rewards you get will be different. That said, let’s dive into what happens with both choices when facing Tal Ratha in Remnant 2.

    What happens if you kill Tal Ratha?

    You will fight Tal Ratha’s physical form if you opt not to be eaten. In my opinion, this boss is more difficult, and I prefer the reward for this choice. Defeating this form of Tal Ratha rewards you with the Spiced Bile, which can be crafted into Nebula. Nebula is a handgun that can deal acid damage.

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    What happens if you get eaten by Tal Ratha?

    If you decide to get eaten by Tal Ratha, you still have a fight ahead of you. However, you will fight Tal Ratha (Metaphysical). This is different and easier than the fight if you do not get eaten. For this option, you will receive the Acidic Jawbone, which can be crafted into Gas Giant. Gas Giant is a melee weapon that can deal acid damage.

    All Tal Ratha Rewards in Remnant 2

    • Tal Ratha Fight
      • Spiced Bile
      • Lumenite Crystal
      • Shining Essence Echo
      • Tome of Knowledge
    • Tal Ratha (Metaphysical) Fight
      • Acidic Jawbone
      • Lumenite Crystal
      • Shining Essence Echo
      • Tome of Knowledge

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