Should you get the kid’s wallet back or buy the medicine in Crisis Core?


    As you progress through Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, you will eventually meet Aerith and find yourself in the slums of Sector Five. Upon entering this area, a kid will steal your wallet and you need to track him down. When you do, you will have the option to retrieve the wallet or buy the child’s medicine. This may make you wonder if you should get the wallet back or buy the medicine in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.

    Should I choose to buy the kid’s medicine or get the wallet back in Crisis Core?

    We recommend that you select to purchase the children medicine when prompted for this option in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core. Regardless of your choice, you will have to face the monster and recover the wallet. But if you select the medicine option first, you’ll get additional boosts to Aerith’s affection.

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    Select to recover the monster’s wallet as well give lovebut the amount is smaller. This will come in handy for your Limit Break and with the potions minigame for kids. Therefore, you must obtain the medicine before facing the monster to maximize Aerith’s affection.

    You can just skip buying the medicine and go straight to the playground to fight the monster. If you do, you will only lose a few affection points. But we prefer the head canon of Zack buying the medicine to impress Aerith.

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