Should you get off the elevator or continue to the entrance in Crisis Core?


    The building is under attack and Lazard has instructed you to go to the Entrance to help defend against the enemy. However, on the way down, the elevator stalls and Zack is given the choice to investigate what caused it or continue to the Entrance. Well, should you get off the elevator or continue to the Entrance in Crisis Core?

    What’s outside the elevator?

    First of all, you should definitely research. The brief power outage is caused by malfunctioning machines on the SOLDIER floor. Zack will have the opportunity to help out and receive rewards for a good deed.

    • By saving the 3rd class SOLDIER you get an Ether
    • By saving the staff in the Training Room, you get 5,000 Gil

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    After this event, Lazard will urgently call you down. Now you can continue the story. There are also plenty of machines down there, so equip Lighting-affiliated Materia to set up the battle.

    Crisis Core is full of a lot of optional stuff like this. Any time you are given the option to help, always take it. You will be rewarded! There is no relation to the end of the game or anything. For example, when you get a chance to explore Sector 8, explore it thoroughly.

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