Should you breed Aceles or disperse microbes in Starfield: A Legacy Forged


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    If you want to know if you should breed Aceles or disperse the microbes in the Starfield quest A Legacy Forged, we are here to help. Starfield features many decisions that you will have to make, often with serious consequences.

    The choice to breed Aceles or disperse microbes to deal with the Terrormorphs comes late in the game, at the end of the UC Vanguard questline. Here is everything you need to know on if you should breed Aceles or disperse microbes in Starfield: A Legacy Forged.

    This guide contains some spoilers for how the UC Vanguard questline ends, as well as some minor spoilers for the ending

    Should you choose Aceles or microbes in Starfield?

    Speaking to Hadrian Sonan about the Terrormorphs in Starfield

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    The short answer is that both choices lead to the same outcome. As explained, the Aceles is the safer option but also the slower one. The microbes will take effect much quicker, but there are concerns they may be dangerous.

    With the benefit of hindsight, we can say that both options work without repercussions, the Aceles might take longer but realistically this does not have any effect on the game. Either choice can bring you to the same ending of the UC Vanguard questline. There is no external reason to choose one over the other, but there are internal reasons.

    The only real difference between these two choices is how your companions will respond. The more science-focused members of the group like Barrett or Sarah will see that the microbes are safe to use and will recommend you do so. More cautious companions like Sam Coe will fall on the side of playing it safe with the Aceles.

    So truly the only difference is in how your companions will react to your choice. Regardless, your choice here will help to end the Terrormorph threat, as you will learn at the end of the game that they have been pushed to the brink of extinction.

    That is it for our Starfield: A Legacy Forged Aceles or microbes guide. For more, head to our Starfield homepage for guides like does Starfield have new game plus, or our full guide to Starfield ships.


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