Shonen Anime’s 10 Biggest Mysteries


Shonen anime can often be viewed by critics as shows where the plot takes a backseat to the combat. And while many shonen series are ranked based on the quality of their fights, there’s more to a great shonen series than that.

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There isn’t a great shonen series that doesn’t have solid world building or character development, and that often leads to a lot of unanswered questions and mysteries. While some series finally answer the biggest questions of their series, others leave viewers in the dark until the very end, or never answer the question at all. At least the fans have a lot to speculate about.

10/10 Where did the Demon Slayer brand come from? (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

The Demon Slayer Corps has spent centuries fighting Muzan and his demons, but their limit has always been Muzan’s highest level soldiers. Against the Upper Demon Moons, even the Hashira have found themselves helpless. But throughout the series, the heroes have started to develop the Demon Slayer Mark, which makes them able to move faster and increase their strength.

With this, they can fight evenly with the Upper Moons. But exactly how Demon Slayers accomplish this is never made clear, it just happens, and once one Slayer catches up with it soon enough, several others will as well.

9/10 Why do commoners have such weak magic? (Black Clover)

black clover it’s been a slow-burning series, gradually growing in fans over the course of multiple arcs. As the series has expanded and developed its characters and world, there have been more fans for the show and the manga. But there is one question that hasn’t been answered: why do all the commoners have weak magic and all the strongest characters are royals?

Considering how much mana people have is decided randomly, it seems hard to believe that there haven’t been at least a few commoners with large amounts of magic. There is no explanation for this other than Tabata wants to reinforce the idea that magic is equivalent to social position and money in this universe.

8/10 Why is soul society so terrible (bleach)?

Soul Society is meant to be the place souls go during the afterlife. They remain there for a certain period of time before finally reincarnating back into the normal world. But the actual society of Soul Society is pretty horrible. There are many innocent souls that exist in those areas starving to death, never receiving the care or resources they need to survive.

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Considering this is meant to be paradise, it’s a bit frustrating that no one seems to be trying to improve existence there. It seems that the only way out for those born in the wrong district is to become a Soul Reaper and risk their lives.

7/10 Why is Kakashi hiding his face? (Naruto)

One of the greatest sins of naruto‘s filler consists of nonchalantly showing what Kakashi looks like in a filler episode. It feels like a waste of time considering how long the canonical version of the series spent showing Kakashi doing his best to hide his identity from him.

Even in Boruto episodes, there are many people who wonder what he looks like and never find out. Still, while fans may know what he looks like, no one has ever explained why he goes to such lengths to hide his identity. Sure, it’s the true “ninja way,” but no one else tries that hard to hide who they are. Is it just that Kakashi looks cooler that way?

6/10 What were the lost universes like? (Super Dragon Ball)

In dragon ball super, it is explained that there are twelve different universes, and each of them is paired with a “mirror” universe. Although the Tournament of Power featured warriors from all twelve universes, fans haven’t gotten to see much from those universes. But there’s an even bigger mystery that remains unsolved: Long ago, there were originally eighteen universes, and Zen-Oh wiped them all out of existence.

Currently, there hasn’t even been a glimpse of those six missing universes, though the Super Dragon Balls may have brought them back at the end of the Tournament of Power.

5/10 Who created the quirks? (My Hero Academy)

Perhaps the biggest unanswered question remaining in my hero academia is how did Quirks come about? The anime talks about how one day humanity began to have superpowers, but the series has never gone into detail.

The manga has detailed what the society became before All Might became the Symbol of Peace, but none of it goes back far enough to explain where the Quirks came from. It’s not the biggest question the series could answer, but it would certainly be a big deal to know where they came from.

4/10 Who turned the earth to stone? (Doctor Stone)

the dr stone The manga ended some time ago, so people who want to could easily find the answer to this question. But anime fans will still be wondering about the biggest mystery in the series. At one point, all of humanity turned to stone and remained so for several thousand years.

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While Senku’s main goal is to bring humanity back to the level of modern technology, it is not his only goal. Discovering the being responsible for transforming humanity will be crucial if they don’t want it to happen anymore.

3/10 What happened in Pino’s past? (The zero of Eden)

Eden’s Zero is one of the hottest new shonen anime coming out, and the second season is coming out soon. One of the main characters in the series is Pino, a young artificial intelligence robot who joins the Eden’s Zero crew as one of Shiki’s friends. Pino no longer has the memories of him after they were erased by one of the people who tried to possess her.

Although he has been forming new memories with the crew, what exactly happened to him before he joined the group will definitely be a big deal. Unlike Fairy taleHiro Mashima has a lot more of the story planned for this series.

2/10 Who gave Anya the ability to read minds? (Spy x Family)

Spy x Family remains the darling of the anime world even in the fall season. But there’s one question on fans’ minds: who gave a six-year-old the ability to read minds in the first place?

This is a question the show probably won’t answer due to its focus on comedy, but they really should. It is mentioned that a group of scientists experimented on her and gave her the ability to read minds, but she is not the only subject either. There’s others? Why give powers to little kids?

1/10 What is a piece? (One piece)

One Piece has a thousand episodes, making it one of the longest-running serial anime series on the air right now. But despite its length, there is one thing that is still unclear, twenty years after the series. Exactly what it is One piece?

Viewers know that legendary pirate Gol D. Roger left all of his treasure in “one piece,” but that’s the beginning and end of his knowledge base. Eiichiro Oda has a plan to answer this, and clues suggest it’s something substantial rather than “the friends they made along the way,” but for now all fans are in the dark.

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