Due to the debut of her new Disney+ sequence, She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters (aka She-Hulk) has seen her recognition attain new heights. Walters is understood for being an impeccable and extremely expert lawyer, having stood alongside among the Marvel Universe’s most iconic heroes, battling and besting all method of foes.

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She-Hulk is a tactical genius and inventor, usually wielding highly effective artifacts or armor few are seldom worthy of utilizing. She would not at all times garner the respect and awe her cousin Bruce will get; nevertheless, she has among the strongest feats recorded in Marvel’s historical past.

10 She-Hulk Battled A Thanos Clone And Emerged Victorious

Due to his means to defeat among the universe’s mightiest Avengers, Thanos is Marvel’s most infamous villain. In She-Hulk Volume 2 #13 by Dan Slott, Rick Burchett, Cliff Rathburn, Dave Kemp, and Dave Sharpe, Walters stands toe to toe with the nefarious Eternal himself (type of).

She-Hulk was initially unaware the Thanos she fought wasn’t the actual model, however an artificial duplicate. The clone bore all the identical strengths and talents of the unique Thanos, making him a brutal adversary to defeat. However, upon studying she was combating a Thanos clone, Walters eviscerated the being and rose triumphantly.

9 She-Hulk Beat Man-Thing In An Unexpected Way

Man-Thing is certainly one of Marvel Comics’ most layered anti-heroes. The interdimensional gatekeeper is understood for his fiery contact and skill to govern and sense the feelings of others. He has huge powers and is sort of invulnerable to all bodily and psionic assaults.

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She-Hulk confronted Man-Thing within the pages of Savage She-Hulk Volume 1 #8 by David Kraft, Mike Vosberg, Chic Stone, Robby Carosella, and Peter Kirch. Man-Thing sometimes defeats opponents by feeding off their feelings; nevertheless, She-Hulk was in a position to overwhelm the being with sheer rage.

8 She-Hulk Single-Handley Defeated The Wrecking Crew In One Fail Swoop

The Wrecking Crew is portrayed as a comedic ragtag group of villains within the She-Hulk Disney+ sequence. However, within the Marvel Comics Universe, The Wrecking Crew is something however laughable. Regarded as some of the harmful teams of supervillains, The Wrecking crew succeeded in defeating heroes equivalent to Thor, Hercules, and The Hulk.

In Secret Wars #7 by Jim Shooter, Mike Zeck, John Beatty, Christie Scheele, and Joe Rosen, Titania and Absorbing Man crew up with The Wrecking Crew to collectively defeat She-Hulk. Although the chances are stacked in opposition to her, She-Hulk emerges victorious by besting her would-be attackers in a single fell swoop.

7 She-Hulk Survived Being Nuked By An Irradiated Warhead

She-Hulk is understood for her limitless energy and almost invulnerable bodily kind. In Avengers Volume 8 #46 by Jason Aaron, Javier Garron, David Curiel, and Corey Petit, She-Hulk is taken captive by a bunch referred to as the Winter Guard.

The group topics She-Hulk to massive quantities of gamma radiation within the hopes it will weaken her thoughts sufficient for them to achieve management over her. She’s ready to withstand the results of the gamma radiation publicity; nevertheless, the Winter-Guard has additionally planted a 68-ton warhead in Atlantis, which She-Hulk should defuse whereas holding off an enraged Namor, who’s been unknowingly pitted in opposition to her.

6 She-Hulk Effortlessly Beats Abomination

Abomination is a recurring foe of each Hulk and She-Hulk. He’s confirmed himself a thorn within the aspect of each heroes because of his menacing, brute energy, and his lethal obsession with the pair.

In She-Hulk Volume 2 #15 by Dan Slott, Rick Burchett, Cliff Rathburn, Dave Kemp, and Dave Sharpe, S.H.I.E.L.D duties She-Hulk with inserting Abomination into custody because of his alleged crimes. Although Abomination is usually matched or typically stronger than the Hulk, She-Hulk was in a position to restrain and defeat him comparatively effortlessly.

5 A Friendly Bet Proved She-Hulk Is Stronger Than Hercules

In the Marvel Comics pantheon of strongmen, Hercules ranks amongst among the highest beings alongside Hulk, Thor, and Sentry. Hercules is world famend for his feats of energy in addition to his demigod standing. The son of Zeus is also referred to as a little bit of a braggart.

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In She-Hulk Volume 2 #30 by Peter David, Val Semeiks, Victor Olazaber, Chris Sotomayer, and Dave Sharpe, She-Hulk takes on Hercules in a pleasant sparring match after the Greek demigod challenges her to an arm wrestling match. Much to Hercules’ dissatisfaction, She-Hulk is the victor.

4 She-Hulk Humbles Thor Despite His Strength And Battle Prowess

She-Hulk and The God of Thunder have a storied historical past, having been adversaries and allies relying on the scenario. Thor is ridiculously stacked by way of energy degree, energy, and talents, however that is by no means stopped She-Hulk from taking a stand in opposition to him, regardless of typically being within the unsuitable.

In Avengers Volume 1 #296 and #297 by Walter Simonson, John Buscema, Tom Palmer, Bill Oakley, and Max Scheele, She-Hulk bests the Norse demigod on two events after being thoughts managed by Dr. Druid. Thor even had backup assist from The Black Knight, which makes She-Hulk’s win much more spectacular.

3 She-Hulk Became The Immortal Iron Fist

Not many within the Marvel Universe have harnessed the ability of Shou-Loa The Undying. The huge energy bestowed upon the one who can plunge their fists into his molten, beating coronary heart is unfathomable. Shou-Loa’s chi is so immense that it takes every wielder years to grasp how one can correctly use it, not to mention grasp the limitless capabilities out there to these bearing the mantle of Iron Fist.

She-Hulk quickly gained entry to this Chi by an influence transference conjured by Moon Knight and Khonshu. Avengers Volume 2 #37 by Jason Aaron and Javier Garron groups She-Hulk with Blade to cease the Egyptian deity from terraforming the earth in his picture.

2 She-Hulk Stood Toe-To-Toe With Zeus

She-Hulk is understood for her means to tackle and beat among the most formidable fighters and demigods of the Marvel Universe. She’s defeated each Thor and Hercules on a number of events, making her almost god-tier in energy degree.

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She-Hulk even took on Zeus as soon as. The Greek god lashed out, believing the Avengers had been liable for bodily harming his son Hercules. Zeus was in a position to defeat the crew with relative ease; nevertheless, She-Hulk put up a great battle and held her personal earlier than – almost – overpowering the Olympian.

1 She-Hulk Served As Universal Counsel For The Living Tribunal

The Living Tribunal is the closest being to a supreme ruler of the Marvel Universe. His immense energy and omnipotence is simply matched by The One Above All. His job is to keep up order all through the multiverse utilizing no matter means he sees match.

In She-Hulk Volume 2 #12 by Dan Slott, Rick Burchett, Cliff Rathburn, Dave Kemp, and Dave Sharpe, the galactic being recruits the heroine to arrest and arraign Star Fox for crimes involving sexual assault. Serving as a authorized consultant for The Living Tribunal is an unmeasurable energy of character not many Marvel Universe heroes possess, making She-Hulk among the many biggest.

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