She-Hulk is maybe finest recognized for her familial tie to Bruce Banner. However, she’s additionally legendary for her team-ups and relationships with a number of the Marvel Universe’s most iconic characters. She has made a number of shut pals, lovers, and dealing allies from her time as each a lawyer and an Avenger.

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The Jade Giantess can also be world-renowned for her sensational energy, unbelievable resilience, formidable authorized expertise, and acute intelligence. But many comedian followers by no means understand that one among her best property is the power to steadiness many complicated relationships whereas nonetheless prioritizing urgent judicial considerations in addition to defending Earth in opposition to many intergalactic threats.

Wyatt Wingfoot is one among She-Hulk’s first and longest-running love pursuits courting again to her preliminary involvement with The Fantastic Four. Wingfoot first appeared in Fantastic Four Volume 1 #275 by John Byrne, Al Gordon, and Glynis Wynn.

Wingfoot is one among only a handful of non-powered folks that She-Hulk has dated. He was shut to a different highly effective superhero, as he was pals and roommates with the Human Torch. The two began courting shortly after She-Hulk stood in for The Thing, following his transient absence from The Fantastic Four. Wingfoot is considered She-Hulk’s one real love.

10 She-Hulk & Man-Wolf ‘Tied The Knot’

Jennifer Walters and John Jameson III have essentially the most kindred spirits out of all of her long-running relationships. Walters and Jameson met within the pages of She-Hulk Volume 2 #9 by Dan Slott, Paul Smith, Joe Rubenstein, and Dave Kemp.

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Jameson is the son of Daily Bugle Publisher J. Jonah Jameson and acquired his powers by publicity to a science experiment involving moon rocks. The two eloped and married throughout Marvel’s Civil War however later separated when Walters realized that her infatuation was partly influenced by Starfox.

9 She-Hulk & Captain Marvel Are Sisters In Arms

She-Hulk and Captain Marvel share an in depth bond as teammates on the Avengers. The two are considered a number of the strongest heroines within the Marvel Universe by way of sheer, uncooked energy.

The Gamma Gal and the Captain additionally served collectively as co-leaders and founders of the all-female group, A-Force. She-Hulk and Captain Marvel sided in the course of the occasions of Marvel’s first Civil War. During that point, their friendship strengthened, not like the numerous heroes who fell on unhealthy phrases with each other.

8 She-Hulk & Hellcat Are Workplace Besties

Patsy Walker and Jennifer Walters met in She-Hulk Volume 2 by Rainbow Rowell, Jen Bartel, and Roge Antonio. Walker started working as a non-public investigator for Walters’ legislation agency, the place the 2 hit it off and have become shut pals.

Walker would later turn out to be an Avenger, serving alongside She-Hulk as her alter-ego Hellcat. The red-headed heroine sensed one thing amiss concerning her pal within the pages of Patsy Walker, A.Ok.A Hellcat! #8 by Kate Lett and Brittany Williams when She-Hulk ended up hospitalized following a battle with Thanos and the Ultimates throughout Marvel’s second Civil War.

7 She-Hulk & Wasp Are Former Roommates


Janet Van Dyne may be very carefully concerned with the Avengers because the superhero Wasp. Janet is even credited with naming the group. She-Hulk and Wasp first met in Avengers Volume 1 #221 by Jim Shooter, David Michelinie, Bob Hall, Brett Breeding, Christie Scheele, and Janice Chiang. Related: 10 She-Hulk Love Interests From The Comics Fans Need To Know About

Janet requested She-Hulk to affix the group upon seeing her work with The Fantastic Four and Heroes for Hire. The two later briefly turned roommates at Janet’s request, even swapping garments pretty much as good pals typically do.

5 The Thing is She-Hulk’s Brother In Arms

She-Hulk and Ben Grimm’s friendship predates her connection to the opposite members of The Fantastic Four. Grimm and the ‘Jade Giantess’ first met throughout a crossover within the pages of Marvel: Two-In-One #88 by David Kraft, Chic Stone, Joe Rose, George Roussos, and Alan Kupperberg.

The Thing and She-Hulk struck up an instantaneous friendship, and Jennifer rapidly founderself interested in Ben. The two determined to maintain issues strictly platonic and have remained shut pals ever since. Their legendary friendship has lasted for greater than 20 years.

4 She-Hulk & Thor Shared A Whirlwind Romance

Thor and She-Hulk have had a storied friendship that not too long ago developed into romance. The demigod and super-powered lawyer first met within the pages of Avengers Volume 1 #296 by Walter Simonson, John Buscema, Tom Palmer, Bill Oakley, and Max Scheele, the place they briefly battled and She-Hulk got here out victorious.

The pair first turned pals whereas serving on the Avengers as teammates. Their love for one another rapidly grew after a life-threatening battle with The Final Host. She-Hulk loves deeply Thor however has questioned if he loves her alter-ego greater than her human persona.

3 She-Hulk & Iron Man’s Relationship Challenged Social Norms

Tony Stark and Jennifer Walters have been briefly lovers and later teammates. The two Avengers shared an informal relationship within the pages of She-Hulk Volume 2 #17 by Dan Slott, Rick Burchett, Cliff Rathburn, and Andy Troy.

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In a really susceptible and historic second, the 2 mentioned the double requirements related to women and men by way of courting and intimacy in addition to what elements outline cultural masculinity. Although Walters and Stark selected to not proceed their relationship in that capability, they remained working professionals and teammates.

2 She-Hulk & Hercules Are A Power Couple

Hercules is the Greek demigod that many ladies dream of being with, and Jennifer Walters was no exception. The Jade Giantess pined for Zeus’ son for a few years earlier than assembly him The Sensational She-Hulk Volume 2 #25 by Simon Furman, Bryan Hitch, John Beatty, and Glynis Oliver.

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The two Avengers didn’t initially get alongside resulting from Hercules’ impolite and chauvinistic demeanor. However, after working collectively for a while, the 2 developed a mutual affection for each other. The pair started courting in The Sensational She-Hulk Volume 2 #30 by Peter David, Val Semekis, Victor Olazaba, Chris Sotomayer, and Dave Sharpe.

1 She-Hulk & Luke Cage Bet On Love

Luke Cage is understood for his marriage to Jessica Jones in addition to his group affiliations, specifically with the Heroes for Hire. Luke first met She-Hulk lengthy earlier than his betrothal to Jones, within the pages of Heroes For Hire Volume 1 #17 by John Ostrander, Marti Egeland, Hector Collazo, and Joe Rosas.

In the difficulty, Cage makes a wager with She-Hulk whereby he’d get to ask her out on a date if he gained. The Jade Giantess agreed and was later impressed by Luke’s present of energy when the supervillains Absorbing Man and Titania crashed their date.

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