Seven Nights Idol Adventure introduces two new legendary heroes.

    • The latest update of Seven Nights Idol Adventure is here, with two new legendary heroes!
    • Platoon and Yu Shin both focus on melee, the latter on high damage support
    • New stages are being added along with stage boosts and artifact drops for Nightmare.

    Seven Knights Idle Adventure from Netmarble is a game that is very compatible with new updates. And today is no different as they bring two new legendary heroes from the main Seven Knights series to their hit idol game spin-off. Platinum and Yushin will be available starting today, but what do they offer?

    A member of the Dark Knights focused entirely on melee, Platon is equipped to deal massive damage against single targets. One of his skills even allows you to deal extra damage equal to a given target’s maximum HP. Add to that his Critical Hit Attack, which increases bonus damage rate and protects a damaged target from evasion, and you have a very solid frontline hero.

    As with many other hero drops in this type of game, Yu Shin plays a more supporting role. However, its ability to deal damage in an AOE around a single target is definitely on the melee side of things. He can also add an additional paralysis debuff to a target, debuffing their HP recovery. Finally, his critical attack increases the ultimate accuracy of his allies and the ultimate damage when attacking his cursed enemy.

    anything else?

    Naturally, these two will be on the card for a special summoning event. Platin will have an increased summon rate from June 13th to June 26th, and Yu Shin will have an increased summoning rate from June 20th to July 3rd. This new update also adds 16,801 – 17,600 stages, stage boost feature and artifacts to Nightmare.

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