SEGA Mega Drive Genesis Classics

This achievement cheats. Most wins, legit or not, it refuses to count. Here’s how to cheat back and even the score.


Step 1: Go to options > Janken (janken is japanese for rock paper scissors)

Step 2: Rewind when the game is decided, use it to cheese the round. Rewind a couple second before the “jan-ken” count starts, make your change, and hold F2 to quicksave

Step 3: Hold Select to exit the game, go down, and press Y to reset the console.

Step 4: Hold F3 until the game starts up and the save state loads

Step 5: Fast forward until it says “Oh! You got me”

Step 6: repeat steps 3-5 50 times. Feel free to double check with the book to make sure it’s actually working. It’s working for me.


The game won’t count wins, legit or not. It’s pointless to waste your time trying to do this legit. Not to mention, RPS against a computer is a game of chance, and a boring one at that.

Felix Argyle?

Steam forced me to choose an image. I didn’t want to, so I grabbed a random image from my meme folder.

You’re Welcome.

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