Work in progress – Details on items and where to get them (costumes and NTR “quest” items included.)

Gift Items

The tables display the girls’ favorite items. Giving girls items that aren’t their favorite results in less affection points being added.


☆☆Nutritional Supplement Drink
☆☆☆Hair Ornament
☆☆☆Ice Cream
☆☆☆☆Monthly Runners Magazine
☆☆☆☆☆Strawberry Sundae


Eyeglass Wipes50
☆☆Surgery Kit120
☆☆White coat130
☆☆☆Modern Medicine Book280
☆☆☆Stylish and Cute Fashion Magazine280
☆☆☆☆☆Treatment Cream1500
☆☆☆☆☆Nice Looking Bag1500


Canned Food50
Old Newspaper50
☆☆A Famous Painting?120
☆☆Assorted Snacks130
☆☆☆Horror DVD280
☆☆☆Teacup Set280
☆☆☆☆☆Travel Guide1500


Energy Drink50
Tasty Cat Snacks50
☆☆Completed Strategy Book120
☆☆Model Gun130
☆☆☆Romance DVD Set280
☆☆☆☆Gaming Headset600
☆☆☆☆Huge Black Cat Plushie600
☆☆☆☆☆VR Headset1500
☆☆☆☆☆Game Console1500

Building Materials



As of version 1.03, there are 4 hidden costumes to find. They only appear in acts 7 and 8. I will describe with text and video where to find them.

When entering Act 8, you are given one of three paths (complete RNG). Each path has a suit hidden in it somewhere.

Note: Ignore my buddies’ voices, totally forgot the screen cap would record that too.

Bikini Armor
Act 8 – Cave path. After the cave ends, you’ll find a small corridor that has a few stacked boxes. Simply jump on top and look on the vent for the Bikini Armor costume. Fear reason’s beyond my monkey understanding, this is the only costume that is RNG spawned, the location can also have some building material.

Reverse Bunny
Act 8 – Research labs path. A little past the medical beds and what look like CAT scan machines, you’ll find a little waiting/break area. On the left there’s a door with three lights above it, the reverse bunny suit item is behind that door. Supposedly, there are three buttons hidden around the area that need to be pressed to open the door. I have yet to find one of these buttons, but luckily I found you can just cheese take the item through the door… for now at least. Totally subject to being patched out. For now all I have is my cheese strat, I’ll look into the legitimate way soon.

Combat Armor
Act 8 – Garage path. The second room in the garage path, you’ll see a bunch of black cars. On the left side of the room there’s some boxes you can jump on to start a parkour path to the costume. Watch me struggle to jump several times through this path in the video.

Act 7 – Act end solo fight. During the solo gauntlet fight, a present robot may appear. Kill it to drop the Sexy Lingerie costume. This will only drop with the R18 patch. Robot shows up around 4:30.

Permanent Items

Important note: Many items are unavailable if you do not have the R18 patch installed.

Shop – Shop RNG changes with how far you are into the game. The more acts you complete, the higher chance to see higher rarity items.

Body Change_ShapeYou can change the heroine’s body shape
Body Change_Skin TextureYou can change the heroine’s skin texture
Nipple RotorNipple Rotor is added to the body customization
Nipple PercingNipple Piercing is added to the body customization
Nipple Piercing(Heart)Nipple Piercing(Heart) is added to the body customization
HandcuffsHandcuffs are added to the body customization
LegcuffsLegcuffs are added to the body customization

Minigame Rewards – When you complete a minigames, you are given one of four rewards, each minigame provides a different scene reward. The hot spring minigame gives out three rewards for a perfect clear.TBD

First Person ViewDuring scenes, you can see the heroine from a first person viewBathroom
Cross-Section ViewDuring scenes, you can display a cross-sectional viewOnsen
Inner VoiceDuring scenes, you can listen to the inner voiceShower

NTR Quest Rewards – Finishing all three NTR events will reward more body modification options

TattooTattoo is added to the body customizationHikari
“Adult” Mark“Adult” Mark is added to the body customizationIchika
Eye MaskEye Mask is added to the body customizationKirara
CollarCollars are added to the body customization.Aya

NTR Quest Items

(Work in progress – Screenshots soon)

1. Smartphone – Act 1 On some pipes in the sewers.

2. Small Bottle – Act 4 On the academy rooftop.

3. Contract – Act 6 In the bank.

Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home Item Guide

1. Red Powder – Act 3 In the multi-level parking garage.

2. Blue Powder – Act 5

3. Collar – Act 2 In the supermarket.

Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home Item Guide

1. Frozen Diced Fruit – Act 2 In the supermarket.

2. Gold Nugget – Act 7 Just before you head to the basement/cellar of the mansion.

Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home Item Guide

3. Rope – Act 5 – Next to a lift mechanism on the waterfront.

Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home Item Guide

1. Fighting Game Tricks Guidebook – Act 3 Just before the station checkpoint, in a small store.

2. Laptop – Act 8 – Near the beginning, on a lab bench.

Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home Item Guide

3. Controller – Act 7 – Mansion attic.

Seed of the Dead: Sweet Home Item Guide


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