Season 1, Episode 37 Turned Casual Viewers Into Dedicated Fans


One of the most frequently asked questions from non-viewers is: “At what point in the One piece series, does it get ‘good’?” In other words, due to the length of the series, non-viewers often wonder which episodes make the series worth watching. Fans tend to have mixed answers, as recall different plot points that hooked them during their first viewing. However, among these various responses, one episode stands out especially. While not all members of the fandom agree, many fans have come to a consensus that Season 1, Episode 37 is the first episode that captured his full attention, impacted his perspective on the characters, and changed his viewing experience.

Unlike the many other well-loved One piece episodes, Episode 37, “Luffy Rises! Result of Broken Promise!” It is not among the best rated. However, the episode’s importance to the overall plot and character development of the leads speaks for itself. This episode was a pivotal moment for both Luffy and Nami as the characters did things that neither of them had done before.

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More specifically, viewers saw Nami put aside her pride and ego for the first time to ask someone else for help. Ever since she was a child, Nami remained cautious and stubborn to protect herself from the harsh realities of her life’s circumstances. It wasn’t until she encountered a friendly but persistent rubber boy and her pirate crew that she realized her new friends were willing to shoulder the burden of confronting and defeating her entire enemy. her life, Arlong. After learning of Arlong’s lies, she effectively reached her lowest point, leaving her with no choice but to trust her new crewmates and lean on them for help.

Just like Nami, Luffy also did something that no one expected. Early in the series, viewers learn that while Luffy is far from materialistic, his straw hat has immense personal value, as it was given to him by his greatest role model, Shanks. In fact, Luffy’s straw hat is probably the only material item in the entire series that he considers important enough to warrant safekeeping. It didn’t take long for viewers to understand the emotional ties Luffy has to his hat, so it goes without saying that he would probably never lose it, let alone part with it intentionally.

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However, as she watched her friend Nami sit helplessly on the street, driven to harm herself in frustration, she did the unthinkable: she took off her hat. She then placed it on Nami’s head to calm her down before proceeding to face the enemy head on. This was a sign of great growth in Luffy’s character and solidified his connection with Nami. He also showed that Luffy holds his friends in high regard, as he was willing to briefly give up his most sentimental object in order to comfort and defend Nami.

It’s safe to say that Episode 37 of One piece it was incredibly significant to the plot at the beginning of the series. He gave fans a glimpse into the ways that Luffy and Nami would become more complex characters. Their unique relationship dynamic was established, and they grew closer and closer over time. Even to this day, when he needs someone to look after his straw hat during a tense situation, Nami is Luffy’s choice.

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