SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer How To Host Server For Co-op

For those wanting to play co-op with their guys, gals and other pals!

Getting Started!

To host a server for you and your guys, gals and other pals, you’ll need to know how to Port Forward.

If you don’t know how to Port Forward, there are plenty of guides online to do so. All you typically need is the admin password to your Internet Hub.

Accessing your Hub usually has an IP similar to

Google around to find your own hubs default IP.

SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer How To Host Server For Co-op

I know how to Portforward c’mon!

The ports you’re looking for are 50021-50021.

If these do not work try 50021-50030

Last attempt would be to try 50000-50022.


Q: My server is working today but my friend cant seem to connect, what should I do?

A: By deafult, most internet providers will give you a DHCP IP address, meaning your ip will change everytime you start your PC, there is typically a way to set it so that your PC uses a STATIC IP meaning that you won’t have to change it everytime you want to play (unless you’re like me who never turns the PC off lol)

Q: Items seem to be not syncing in-game or SCPs don’t show up, what should I do?

A: This is usually because of bad internet (usually ping), the only things you can try is resetting your internet (the good ol’ off for 30 secs and on again could work). Make sure the game is fully updated as well.

Is there an easier way?

There could be an easier way to connect with friends if you don’t want to go through the port forwarding business and just want to play the game.

Hamachi is friend!

Disclaimer before you try this, I haven’t tried it myself (no one to try it with). But I used to use it for Minecraft: Java Edition and Left 4 Dead 2 local servers, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t work.

You’ll have to make an account and make a network but once that’s out the way, it’s easy sailing!

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