SCARLET NEXUS Kasane Texture Replacement

This will let you have some minor texture replacement capabilities for Kasane in SCARLET NEXUS. Note this does not always work perfectly and my implementation of this is still very buggy.


SCARLET NEXUS Kasane Texture Replacement
SCARLET NEXUS Kasane Texture Replacement
SCARLET NEXUS Kasane Texture Replacement
SCARLET NEXUS Kasane Texture Replacement
SCARLET NEXUS Kasane Texture Replacement


This is a reposting of my existing mod. Mod Link:


Go to ScarletNexus\ScarletNexus\Binaries\Win64 (where ScarletNexus-Win64-Shipping.exe is) and extract the zip file.

Texture replacement

You can swap the textures by either going to where “ScarletNexus-Win64-Shipping.exe” is, then ReplacementTextures\Kasane and replacing the old dds textures there with new ones with the same name.

Or you can go into the d3dx.ini file, find where it says “ResourceReplaceTexture” and use new files of different types (jpg, png, dds…). Note that different file types will cause the character to have slightly different appearances in game. DDS textures will get you closest to the original in game look.

If you want to swap textures while the game is running, find “hunting = 0” in d3dx.ini and set it to 2. Then, while in game, you can load the new textures in with F10. This might incur a performance hit so the default is to have it off.

To uninstall

Either run the uninstall bat or remove files from the download manually.

–For reference this mod was tested on a Nvidia graphics card.

Known Issues

  • -This change is meant to change character appearance in the field. There may be other areas where the change isn’t applied correctly.(Hideout, some pause screens)
  • -Colors in texture change might appear slightly differently in game depending on what other shaders are used in the game at the time (Color of textures in field and in menu might appear different)
  • -In field textures of other characters will appear as though they have a light blinking/flickering on them.
  • -Original skin texture under certain lighting conditions may bleed through
  • -Hair texture changes are disabled by default, due to it changing multiple characters’ hair color at once.
  • -To enable it, go into d3dx.ini and find places where it says “ResourceReplaceTexture4” and uncomment the line by removing the “;”
  • -Small amounts of lights/color on other objects may be affected.


Mod – tenshiken1

3DMigoto shader tool – bo3b

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love SCARLET NEXUS Kasane Texture Replacement guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Kou153. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.


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