Satisfactory Trap Enemies

Want to get that tasty oil without dealing with it’s guards? Here’s how.

Locked up forever

I have managed to trap an alpha spitter in a cage permanently using this method:

1. Approach the creature’s spawn location, with your build tool ready to make an 8×1 foundation. (the really thin one)

2. See if you can tell exactly where the creature spawns. When you approach the area, the creature will spawn in the same place every time.

3. When the target creature spawns in, wait for it to move, then place the foundation exactly where it appeared.

4. Put walls around the outside of the foundations. If it’s a spider, you will need to place a foundation on the top of the walls like a cap. This is because certain spiders can climb walls.

5. Back away from the area until the target despawns.

6. Re-enter the area.

If you do it right, the creature should now be inside of the cage, because it re-spawned inside. The creature will not try to attack you, because these guys can’t see through glass for some reason.

I hope this is useful!

We would like to thank turnerdeedo. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.


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