This Sapiens Investigation and Breakthrough Guide will let you know what you want to Investigate to be able to unlock new Roles!

How Sapiens Investigation and Breakthrough Works

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The Sapiens Investigation course of is used to unlock new Roles with a course of referred to as a “Breakthrough.” Here’s the way it works:

  1. Investigate an merchandise or object.
    • Note: This might require using a Tool or Workbench, and you could have to Investigate one thing else first.
  2. Once the Investigation is full, you will get a Breakthrough that unlocks a brand new Role.
  3. You can now assign the brand new Role to your Sapiens.

How to Unlock Sapiens Investigations and Roles

You can solely full a Sapiens Investigation by Investigating the right merchandise with the right stipulations accomplished and the appropriate Tools or Workbenches accessible. Here’s how you can unlock the entire Roles:

Quicklinks: Fire Lighting | Rock Knapping | Basic Hunting
Thatch Building | Pottery | Butchery | Flax Spinning | Tree Felling
Digging | Bone Carving | Flint Knapping | Wood Working | Threshing
Basic Cooking | Tool Assembly | Wood Building | Planting | Music
Grinding | Mud Brick Building | Spear Hunting | Mining | Baking
Ceramics | Brick Building | Tiling

How to Unlock Fire Lighting in Sapiens

You can unlock Fire Lighting by Investigating a Stick.

Fire Lighting Unlocks

How to Unlock Rock Knapping in Sapiens

You can unlock Rock Knapping by Investigating a Rock.

Rock Knapping Unlocks

  • Small Rock
  • Stone Hand Axe
  • Stone Knife
  • Stone Spear Head
  • Stone Pickaxe Head

How to Unlock Basic Hunting in Sapiens

You can unlock Basic Hunting by Investigating a Chicken with a Small Rock Tool.

Basic Hunting Unlocks

  • Allows you to hunt small prey like Chickens.

How to Unlock Thatch Building in Sapiens

You can unlock Thatch Building by Investigating Hay.

Thatch Building Unlocks

  • Thatch Hut/Roof
  • Thatch Square Wall
  • Thatch Roof Wall
  • Thatch Wall with Door
  • Large Thatch Roof Corner
  • Thatch Wall
  • Thatch Wall Single Window
  • Large Thatch Roof
  • Thatch Short Wall”

How to Unlock Pottery in Sapiens

You can unlock Pottery by Investigating Clay.

Pottery Unlocks

How to Unlock Butchery in Sapiens

You can unlock Butchery by Investigating a lifeless Animal with a Knife.

Butchery Unlocks

  • Butcher Alpaca
  • Butcher Chicken
  • Butcher Mammoth

How to Unlock Flax Spinning in Sapiens

You can unlock Flax Spinning by Investigating Dry Flax.

Flax Spinning Unlocks

How to Unlock Tree Felling in Sapiens

You can unlock Tree Feeling by Investigating a Tree with a Hand Axe.

Tree Felling Unlocks

  • Allows you to chop down Trees.

How to Unlock Digging in Sapiens

You can unlock Digging by Investigating the bottom with a Hand Axe.

Digging Unlocks

  • Ability to dig up the bottom.
  • Clay Path
  • Rock Path
  • Sand Path
  • Soil Path

How to Unlock Bone Carving in Sapiens

You can unlock Bone Carving by Investigating a Bone with a Knife.

Bone Carving Unlocks

  • Bone Knife
  • Bone Spear Head
  • Bone Flute

How to Unlock Flint Knapping in Sapiens

You can unlock Flint Knapping by Investigating a chunk of Flint.

Flint Knapping Unlocks

  • Flint Spear Head
  • Flint Hand Axe
  • Flint Knife
  • Flint Pickaxe Head

How to Unlock Wood Working in Sapiens

You can unlock Wood Working by Investigating a Log after you’ve got felled a Tree.

Wood Working Unlocks

How to Unlock Threshing in Sapiens

You can unlock Threshing by Investigating a chunk of Wheat.

Threshing Unlocks

How to Unlock Basic Cooking in Sapiens

You can unlock Basic Cooking by Investigating a Beetroot, Pumpkin, Chicken Meat, Alpaca Meat, or Mammoth Meat with a lit Campfire.

Basic Cooking Unlocks

  • Campfire Roasted Beetroot
  • Campfire Roasted Pumpkin
  • Cooked Mammoth Meat
  • Cooked Alpaca Meat
  • Cooked Chicken Meat

How to Unlock Tool Assembly in Sapiens

You can unlock Tool Assembly by Investigating both a Branch, Flax Twine, or a Tool Head (Hand Axe, Spear Head, and so forth.) after having Investigated Flax Spinning.

Tool Assembly Unlocks

  • Stone Hatchet
  • Balafon
  • Stone Spear
  • Stone Pickaxe
  • Flint Spear
  • Bone Spear
  • Flint Pickaxe
  • Flint Hatchet

How to Unlock Wood Building in Sapiens

You can unlock Wood Building by Investigating a Split Log.

Wood Building Unlocks

  • Split Log Hut/Roof
  • Split Log Bench
  • Split Log Wall with Door
  • Split Log Floor 4×4
  • Split Log Wall with Large Window
  • Split Log Wall
  • Split Log Steps 2×2 Half Floor
  • Split Log Roof Wall
  • Split Log Square Wall
  • Split Log Floor 2×2
  • Split Log Steps 2×3 Single Floor
  • Split Log Short Wall

How to Unlock Planting in Sapiens

You can unlock Planting by Investigating any Farming Crop with a Hand Axe.

Planting Unlocks

  • Allows planting of Crops.

How to Unlock Music in Sapiens

You can unlock Music by Investigating a Log Drum, Bone Flute, or Balafon.

Music Unlocks

  • Ability for Sapiens to play Music.

How to Unlock Grinding in Sapiens

You can unlock Grinding by Investigating Hulled Wheat with a Quern-Stone.

Grinding Unlocks

How to Unlock Mud Brick Building in Sapiens

You can unlock Mud Brick Building by Investigating a Dry Mud Brick.

Mud Brick Building Unlocks

  • Mudbrick Floor 4×4
  • Mudbrick Floor 2×2
  • Kiln
  • Mudbrick Column
  • Mudbrick Wall
  • Mudbrick Square Wall
  • Mudbrick Wall With Door
  • Mudbrick Half Wall
  • Mudbrick Wall with Large Window

How to Unlock Spear Hunting in Sapiens

You can unlock Spear Hunting by Investigating an Alpaca or Mammoth utilizing a Spear.

Spear Hunting Unlocks

  • Ability to hunt giant Animals like Alpaca and Mammoth.

How to Unlock Mining in Sapiens

You can unlock Mining by Investigating a Boulder with a Pickaxe.

Mining Unlocks

  • Allows you to Mine Boulders.

How to Unlock Baking in Sapiens

You can unlock Baking by Investigating Flour with a lit Campfire.

Baking Unlocks

How to Unlock Ceramics in Sapiens

You can unlock Ceramics by Investigating an Unfired Urn with a lit Kiln.

Ceramics Unlocks

  • Fired Urn
  • Unfired Tile
  • Brick
  • Tile

How to Unlock Brick Building in Sapiens

You can unlock Brick Building by Investigating a Fired Brick.

Brick Building Unlocks

  • Brick Half Wall
  • Brick Wall
  • Brick Square Wall
  • Brick Wall with Door
  • Brick Wall with Large Window

How to Unlock Tiling in Sapiens

You can unlock Tiling by Investigating a Tile.

Tiling Unlocks

  • Tile Floor 2×2
  • Tile Hut/Roof
  • Tile Path
  • Tile Floor 4×4

We’ve reached the top of our Sapiens Investigation and Breakthrough Guide, however there’s nonetheless extra to discover — take a look at our different guides under!

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