Sail Forth – How to skip the starting area.



    Moving on from the tutorial.

    Guide to leaving the starting area

    How to travel to a new area

    In the tutorial you have to destroy a skeleton base, all you have to do is shoot it with your cannons and when the number on the top right reaches 0 it will be done and the safe will open.

    In the safe you find a map fragment that shows a new area to the north, and when you try to travel to it, it says that there is no route available to the destination.

    It’s not very well explained but the world map is just a fast travel map between places you’ve been, you can travel north to unexplored areas.

    All you have to do is travel north from where you are.

    You can reveal more locations on the map by picking up new map pieces, which can drop from island crates or vaults in skull bases, and if it’s close enough on the world map you can fast travel. will be able to

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