Rustler 100% Collectible Items (Horses And Maps)

Horseshoes, notes and horses

Catch them all!

All horses with a unique color can be found by cutting circles around.

All colors of a horse are the color of the horse itself, not its ammunition. Those. a red speedboat is an entirely red horse, not just a red saddle.

Also not quite correct description of the last two horses.

Blue horse – horse with gray-blue stripes

Rainbow horse – horse of rather muted colors, with gray-blue croup (in the screenshot below) Horses are more common if you wear a horse mask:



1. In the courtyard of the house, near the cathedral in the first city

2. Dead end in the woods

3. On the shore, just above the north bridge

4. On the other side of the river

5. North Beach

6. Village, north of the big city

7. In the yard of the house

8. In the courtyard of the royal palace

9. Inn, west of the big city

Trash for one person – treasure for another

1. Near the cathedral in the first city

2. Near the butcher

3. Cowshed, south of the starting village

4. South West Beach

5. Near Big Boss’s dwelling)

6. Home of the Order of the Holy Grail

7. At the crossroads

8. Stumped

9. Courtyard of the Inquisition

10. In the ruins

11. In the yard he tracts

12. Around the melting pot

13. Near the crossroads

14. In the courtyard of the mansion

15. In a village near the city

16. In the yard of the house

17. In the courtyard of the house

18. In the warehouse area

19. Near the cathedral

20. In the courtyard of a house in a wealthy area

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