Rookie Reaper lets you harvest souls on your first day on the job, now on Android

    • Pixel Art Open World RPG
    • Top-down Soul Slit gameplay
    • Collect weapons, skills and skins to improve your experience.

    Solo indie developer Euron Cross has announced the official launch of Rookie Reaper, the Brazil-based giant’s new pixel art RPG where you’ll be tasked with harvesting souls as the titular Reaper. The top-down RPG offers an open-world experience that tasks you with navigating your first day on the job during a civil servant adventure.

    In Rookie Reaper, your mission is to harvest five immortal souls scattered across the land. Being a cheater in any field is never easy, so you’ll have to face formidable foes and learn tricks to adapt and outgrow them.

    There are tons of weapons with which you can find what suits your playstyle, as well as different skills that you can master as you level up and progress. Of course, just because you’re out there slicing souls doesn’t mean you can’t look good doing it – thankfully, you can unlock a bunch of new skins as you progress so you can slay souls in style. can cut

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    The game features 36 weapons, 18 magic skills, over six boss fights, and over 20 different types of enemies, with hidden secrets and side quests to spice things up.

    Now, if you’re keen to join in on all the fun, you can do so by checking out Rookie Reaper on Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game that you can fully unlock with a single in-app purchase.

    You can also join the community of followers on official. Reddit page To stay updated with all the latest developments, visit the official website For more information, or to get a feel for the game’s vibes and visuals, take a peek at the embedded clip above.


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