Rockstar’s Vice President of Writing seems to have left after 16 years



    Rockstar’s Vice President of Writing appears to have left the company after 16 years of working there.

    As spotted by a user on GTAForums, Michael Unsworth has changed his LinkedIn profile to reflect a change in employment.

    Michael Unsworth seems to no longer work for Rockstar

    While nothing has been confirmed by Rockstar Games, a change to Michael Unsworth’s LinkedIn profile has led to people believing he may have left the company.

    Under the experience heading on the site, Michael has listed his time at Rockstar Games as being between 2007 and 2023. This had previously stated 2007 – Present.

    User Rucke noticed the change and posted about it on GTAForums. He wrote: “Seems like Michael Unsworth has left Rockstar as well now.

    “Of course all the writing for the main story of GTA VI must be completed by now. Pretty sure most of the commercials and ped dialogue is finished as well. But it will be interesting to see if this will impact the writing on future Rockstar titles even more.”

    Unsworth has had a long career at Rockstar Games

    Unsworth has worked on a lot of titles while he has been at Rockstar Games, including Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption II, Max Payne 3, LA Noire and multiple GTA titles.

    The writer has been at the company since 2007, where he started out as a Senior Creative Writer according to his LinkedIn profile. He moved up into the position of Writing Director in 2019 before finally taking on the role of Vice President of Writing in 2021.

    That said, losing Unsworth will be a big loss to the company with his writing having been a part of Rockstar’s games for 16 years.

    Nothing official has been announced at this stage, so we will have to wait and see if any further updates come from Rockstar or Unsworth himself.



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