Rocket League announces a new partner with Bugatti


    Psyonix announced today they have a new partnership, headed to Rocket League with the launch of a Bugatti car. Next week you will be able to race around the track in the brand new Bugatti Centodieci, which is one of the world’s most sought-after cars, since they only had ten vehicles in real life. This model of the car, according to the prick of the game, is one of the most exclusive real-world cars in the game. They will sell in-game, as part of an arrangement of two versions: the main, the engine a/d, wheels, Noire decal and the Bugatti Centodieci player banner. The car will be available for one hundred Credits from March 19-22 to October 323. On the video below, you can learn more about it, or you can see the video.

    Credit: Psyonix.

    The Bugatti Centodieci is a new car, but despite the fact that it is powered by 1177 kW and 1500 horsepower, it also offers some design inspiration from its name: the EB110. As a modern version of the iconic horseshoe grille, the original EB110 opened a new generation of Bugatti. The EB110 was the fastest car to manufacture in the world when it launched in 1991. Today’s Centodieci is extremely unusual with only ten vehicles being made. The Rocket League version has the same sculptural look and is very easy to get! The hitbox with the lowest profile brings a long-awaited return! Right? The Centodieci aerodynamic stance makes the car a perfect fit for the in-gamePlank Hitbox. Get the matching Decal,Player Banner andEngine Audio for an exclusive Bugatti experience.”


    • Bugatti Centodieci Body (Plank hitbox)

    • Noire Decal

    • Bugatti Autodiesel Wheels: Centodieci Wheels.

    • Bugatti Centodieci engine audio.

    • Bugatti’s Centodieci player banner was added.


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