Roblox status: Are Roblox servers down?


    Are Roblox servers currently down? Roblox is an online service, meaning an internet connection is required to log in. If the Roblox servers are down, then players will not be able to access new games or online features.

    Below is the latest info on Roblox‘s server status, and whether or not the Roblox servers are down.

    Is Roblox currently down?

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    As of right now, the Roblox servers are part of a Partial Service Disruption, and most features are partially working.

    If you are having any issues logging into Roblox, or playing any games, you can rule out the servers as the root cause. Unfortunately, there are a multitude of things that can and do go wrong in online games, and the servers being down is just one of them.

    If you are ever having issues with the Roblox site or any of the games, you can check the Roblox status website to check for any known or ongoing issues.

    What to do if Roblox servers go down

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    Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to fix things if there is an issue with the Roblox servers. Your best bet is to wait and hope they come back online shortly.

    If you want to keep up to date with any and all issues, you should check out the Roblox status Twitter page. The page is updated constantly, and any time there is an issue, such as servers going down, it will be posted here.

    Why do Roblox servers go down?

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    There are a number of reasons why situations like this happen. More often than not, there is some kind of small bug or issue that temporarily brings the system down. These are usually figured out and corrected quickly.

    Other times, servers are brought offline for maintenance. This is a necessary occurrence and can lead to loss of access for players. Again, these measures are temporary and the servers will always be brought back online before too long.

    That is it for Roblox server status. For more, check out our guide to who created Roblox.


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