Roblox Neighbors Codes (August 2023)


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    Everybody needs good Roblox Neighbors! Switch on your microphone, select the person you think you’ll make a good match with, and then hang out in your chosen neighborhood! You can meet up with a real-life friend in a number of cool different worlds, or perhaps you’ll meet a new BFF in the Roblox world. But if you meet someone you don’t like I have done, you can immediately move on until you find someone you do! 

    Roblox Neighbors codes give you free credits, which is the game’s main currency. You can use Credits in-game to buy everything from cosmetic items such as Teddy Bears and Jetpacks as well as emotes, from basics such as push-ups to complex dance routines! If you love Roblox social experiences, you should also take a look at Royale High Codes. 

    All Roblox Neighbors Codes List 

    Roblox Neighbors Codes (Working) 

    • NEIGHBORS50MILLION—Redeem for 150 Credits

    Roblox Neighbors Codes (Expired) 

    • ILOVEBOOGLE—This code has expired. 

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    How to redeem codes in Roblox Neighbors 

    Follow the instructions below to redeem codes in Roblox Neighbors

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    1. Launch Roblox Neighbors on Roblox. 
    2. Press the black burger menu at the bottom right of the screen.
    3. In the popup box, select Promo Codes.
    4. In the text box saying Enter Code Here, do so exactly as it appears in the list above.  
    5. Press the green Submit button to claim your reward! 

    How can you get more Roblox Neighbors codes? 

    If you want to search for Roblox Neighbors codes, I’d suggest joining the West Corner Roblox Group first. Outside Roblox, you can follow @mirtinyy on X and become part of the Neighbors Discord Server for game announcements, giveaways, and more. 

    Why are my Roblox Neighbors codes not working? 

    Roblox Neighbors codes are going to need you to input them exactly as we print them if they’re going to work. This means including all capital letters, and ensuring you get every character right, so we suggest you cut and paste the codes into Roblox directly from here. If you try that and a code here still won’t work, and if it says it has expired, the code has likely been removed from the game completely. Let us know but check back in soon, as we’re always looking for new ones! 

    Other ways to get free rewards in Roblox Neighbors 

    Other than our codes above, the best way to gain free rewards in Roblox Neighbors is to log in each day. The number of free credits you get starts at 40 (plus 400 points) on day one but builds up to 90 Credits by day six of consecutive days logged in. Beyond that, just keep playing! Even when you’re AFK, as long as you’re logged in, you’ll earn one free credit per minute you’re in the game. 

    What is Roblox Neighbors? 

    Roblox Neighbors is a social hangout Roblox experience in which you’re paired with another player and dropped into a neighborhood where you share a house with them. The voice chat makes the experience come to life, and you can quickly move on to another match if you don’t like the person you’re paired with. It also has a variety of worlds to hang out in. 

    If you’re looking for codes for other games, we have a ton of them in our Roblox Game Codes post! You can also get a bunch of free stuff via our Roblox Promo Codes page. And in the meantime, take a look at the latest news to stay up-to-date on all things entertainment. 


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