Roblox: Elemental Dungeons Tier List – Best (and Worst) Elementals

    • The galaxy
    • electricity
    • the light
    • lava
    • Snow
    • The dragon

    The galaxy One of the game’s three legendary elements, but it doesn’t sit on the same table as the other two. The reason is less damage. Galaxy is one of the fastest elementals and has a decent range, but its damage gradually decreases. Also, it is weak against water, and this has some consequences. Black Hole’s skill is impressive, however, so is an A grade.

    When an element is stronger than eight of the total fifteen elements in the game, the A rank is the least it deserves. Lightning is an epic element that has been nerfed, nerfed, and nerfed, and still somehow seems OP. If it weren’t for the nerfs, Lightning could be in the S tier, but it still gives legendary and legendary elements a run for their money. This elemental’s damage dealing capabilities are insane. Lightning has the ability to destroy anything the game throws at you.

    the light There is an Epic Tier element added to Elemental Dungeons with Update 1. It has 300 more skill, and like other elements, light has five abilities. However, what sets Light apart is the fact that his third ability, Light Ray, and ultimate, Light Barrage, cast 16 ticks of damage while dealing 3-figure and 4-figure damage respectively. Light is a decent alternative if you can’t get your hands on a legendary element.
    lava Elemental Dungeons is the latest addition to the list of legendary elements, and it’s a great addition. Strong against angel and phantom, has summoning skills, can launch attacks that have up to 12 ticks, lava is the complete package as long as you stay out of jungle dungeons. Lava is weak against ground and galactic elements and doesn’t have the best range, but it works if you can get up close and personal.

    Snow is exactly what you’d expect from Epic Element. It deals a lot of damage, but is not overpowered. Ice can fight and destroy anyone and anything, but it’s hard work. Unlike legendary elements, you can’t shoot someone with ice. But that doesn’t make snow a bad element. Once you gain enough skill, you can spam Ice Barrage and Ice Shuriken combos to deal massive damage of 10,000+.

    The dragon There is a legendary element that gives your avatar red and black wings and gives him fire breath. The cosmetics alone make it one of my favorite elements. However, this tier list takes into account damage-dealing abilities more than anything else. Thankfully, Dragon is decent at that too. Along with short and long-range attacks, the dragon can deal direct, AOE and overtime damage by setting enemies on fire and spraying acid. But the best thing about dragons is the boss killing abilities.


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