Roblox Adopt Me Codes (2023) Don’t exist, and they might never return


    Update August 3, 2023

    Still no available codes!

    Many have wondered whether or not Adopt Me has codes to redeem for free pets. The short answer: No. However, we’ve gathered common questions below detailing where the confusion concerning Adopt Me codes seems to be coming from.

    All Adopt Me Codes List

    Unfortunately, there are no working codes for Adopt Me at the moment. Even though Adopt Me codes existed in the past, the option to even redeem codes has now been removed from the game. Below, our list of expired codes are common questions about whether or not Adopt Me codes exist in the 2021 version of the game.

    Expired Adopt Me Codes

    • SUMMERBREAK – Redeem code for 70 bucks
    • SUMMERSALE – Redeem code for 70 bucks
    • 1B1LL1ONV1S1TS – Redeem code for 200 bucks
    • M0N3YTR33S – Redeem code for 200 bucks
    • GIFTUNWRAP – Redeem code for 200 bucks
    • DiscordFTW – Redeem code for 70 bucks
    • subbethink – Redeem code for 100 bucks
    • GIFTUNWRAP – Redeem code for 200 bucks
    • SEAcreatures – Redeem code for a reward

    How to Redeem Adopt Me Codes

    In the past, the process to redeem codes in Adopt Me was to click on the Twitter Bird button in the bottom-right corner of the game. This is where the code redemption text box was located. The text box is no longer present.

    Although the Twitter Bird button is still in the game, the option to redeem codes is missing. Instead, clicking the Twitter Bird button will bring up this notice:

    Code redemption no longer appears possible in Adopt Me, but we will update this page as soon as the feature returns to the game.

    Do Promo Code Coupons Work?

    No. Websites that advertise free Adopt Me promo codes do not work. Always beware of online scams. You should never give out your Roblox username or password to anyone, and never give out your own personal information. Any website that asks for personal information in exchange for Roblox codes is a scam.

    What about the Adopt Me Code videos on YouTube?

    As far as we know, content creators who advertise working codes for Adopt Me in April 2021 are bending the truth. We’ve watched content creators attempt to redeem codes for free bucks by typing directly into the Adopt Me chat box, only to finish the video with no free codes. Typing codes directly into the Adopt Me chat box will not work.

    At this time of writing, the option to redeem codes in Adopt Me has been entirely removed from the game. Attempting any alternative simply will not work.

    Will Adopt Me Codes Return in the Future?

    We hope so! We’ve reached out to the Adopt Me team, who stated that although there are no current plans to add redeemable codes back into the game, this decision could always change in the future, as with all game development plans. As soon as we hear that codes have returned, we will update this page with the working codes, along with specific instructions for how to redeem them.

    Game Description & Recent Update

    Raise and dress cute pets, decorate your house, and play with friends in the magical, family-friendly world of Adopt Me! on Roblox!

    – Better Backpack!
    – New Favorites category!
    – New item stacking!
    – Updated Tooltip in the backpack and trade window!
    – 8 New Ocean pets to adopt!

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