RIDE 3 How To Ride Bike With LOAN Menu

RIDE 3 How To Ride Bike With LOAN Menu guide shows you how to ride your favorite bike from the loan menu.

Hi I think, this a (another) big Milestone error. So If you come across a race when you have basic bike, but you can (and have to) upgrade it to (R4 or R7 or whatever). Theres option – LOAN or to upgrade your bike , but only ones you already own. But this strange menu with LOAN dont tell you that you can buy another bikes to uprade, but you can, but not from this menu.

So if you want the best bike or another bike from category, first race with LOAN (and loose), take a picture of all other bikes that was racing with you. Now you know which one you can buy (and uprade). But you have to buy them from the My Bikes – Dealership. Then it appears out of the blue in a career racing menu with option to upgrade.

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Also, we would like to thank abtNaitY. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.