Review Dumb Ways to Survive – “A quirky survival adventure game”

    • The ability to unlock different deaths makes dying fun.
    • Hunt, gather, dig and craft to survive in the wild.
    • Finding your way can be a little tricky.

    In Dumb Survival, you play as a cute blue bean who is just trying to survive in the wilderness. Luckily, you’ll quickly run into a few other stray pods who will help you build your camp. To get started, you’ll need to talk to Ben by the campfire, after which you’ll receive several introductory tasks like forging an axe, unlocking a forge, and collecting eggs.

    Build your camp with dumb ways to survive

    Once you’ve mastered the basic skills and constructed the necessary buildings for your camp, you’ll unlock the Scout Handbook and be able to move on with your adventure. You’ll also unlock the minimap at this point, which really comes in handy when you start exploring away from your camp.

    While there’s plenty to collect, craft, and explore, there’s also plenty of combat to be had in the form of hunting animals for resources. You will soon encounter deer, oxen and birds, all of which can be killed for resources.

    Some animals, such as birds and deer, will run away from you rather than fight, while bulls will always defend themselves. Searching at night is more dangerous because your vision is limited, and aggressive enemies like trents and wolves will attack you on site.

    Dumb ways to live make dying fun.

    As the name suggests, Dumb Ways to Survive is all about survival. If you want to survive you will need to watch your health, hunger and thirst. If you die, however, you can reclaim most of the items in your inventory from where you last died and dig your own grave. While this may sound corny, the title’s carefree vibes and animated cartoon aesthetic make things feel light.

    Dumb ways to live manage to make dying fun. Each time you die in a new way, you’ll unlock a new death in your Scout Handbook. For example, the longer you stop drinking water, the lower your thirst meter will be. If you let it finish completely, you’ll get Death of Thirst #72.

    As you explore the game’s captivating 2D world, you’ll unlock a variety of new deaths, which take away the frustration of losing. Unlocking death doesn’t give you any bonuses, but it’s still fun to do.

    Earn badges and craft.

    You can also earn badges by completing certain tasks. After unlocking the badge, you can craft it at the badge bench in your camp and equip it to get bonuses. For example, equipped with a Lucky Gardener seed trap you get extra resources from plants and trees when harvesting.

    There are also scout tasks to complete, such as Ogre-Achiever, which rewards you with two Dumbloon coins and a directionless to hunt down an ogre in the Witless Woods, which requires you to cut down 20 signposts. Is.

    It’s easy to get lost in dumb ways of surviving.

    Even with the map unlocked, navigating Dumb Ways to Survive can be a little tricky at times. This is due to the fact that paths aren’t always immediately clear, making them easy to miss if you’re not taking your time. While you will definitely find your way, having the paths more clearly marked would make the whole experience more enjoyable.

    Dumb Ways to Survive is a quirky adventure game that will keep you entertained with its quirky characters, simple quests and charming 2D world. While the navigation could be improved, it’s still a solid title with plenty of recipes, weapons, armor and badges to unlock. You will have to go through the wilderness, complete the quest, and do your best for it. Keep your beloved blue bean alive.


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