The following incorporates spoilers for RWBY: Ice Queendom Episode 12, “Best Day Ever,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

RWBY: Ice Queendom has been a wild experience in increasing the lore of the principle RWBY canon. The anime explored a parasitic new Grimm, launched a brand new kind of Hunter that focuses on capturing such a Grimm, and had the principle characters struggle inside battles on a extra private stage. Set between Vols. 1 and a couple of of the principle RWBY collection, Ice Queendom sought to bridge a spot in Weiss Schnee’s characterization by addressing her unhealed childhood trauma head on, and the way that was impacting her relationships together with her new mates and teammates.

After a protracted, arduous battle towards the Nightmare Grimm possessing Weiss’s physique, the members of Team RWBY resume their on a regular basis lives on the Beacon Academy, concluding with a brand new tackle the enduring RWBY Vol. 2 episode “Best Day Ever.” Though the brand new model of the enduring meals struggle replicates many memorable moments from the unique episode, it additionally efficiently integrates Weiss’s character progress from the Ice Queendom storyline in an surprising, but logical means. While the unique episode solely implied who actually began the meals struggle, Ice Queendom confirms it was Weiss’s concept after a pie was by accident thrown at her face.

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Weiss Started The Iconic Food Fight – And It Makes Perfect Sense

As uncommon as it might appear {that a} rule-oriented lady like Weiss would ever consider beginning a meals struggle, on the identical time, the reveal is smart inside the context of the Ice Queendom storyline, and is in keeping with the themes explored. The first element established about Weiss within the first three episodes of Ice Queendom (that wasn’t actually touched upon in Vol. 1 of the unique collection) was how profoundly sad she was together with her residence life.

In Weiss’s first episode, she’s depicted as stoic when interacting together with her relations, all of whom are invalidating of her preventing expertise and her resolution to attend the Beacon Academy in Vale to change into a Huntress. The solely individuals who validate her resolution are her older sister Winter and their butler Klein Sieben, the latter of whom is extra affectionate towards her. For followers accustomed to the unique RWBY collection, Winter being supportive of Weiss’s resolution to depart Atlas for Vale is defined as her sympathizing together with her little sister’s want to forge her personal path in life, seeing that Winter did the very same factor for herself.

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Winter being supportive of Weiss additionally contextualizes why she idolizes her older sister as a lot as she does. Wanting to stay as much as Winter’s expectations additionally informs these Weiss has for herself when she enrolls at Beacon Academy. Not solely does she take herself far too critically to the purpose of condescending her accomplice Ruby Rose and idolizing Pyrrha Nikos — whom she sees as her equal — nevertheless it additionally has her behaving in ways in which’s looking for validation from different adults. Specifically, she desires the college headmaster, Ozpin, to acknowledge her tutorial efficiency and her abilities as a fighter, and be named workforce chief so Winter might be pleased with her.

Weiss, after all, does not get what she desires, which in the end leaves her weak to the Nightmare Grimm that finally possesses her physique. When Weiss is left in a coma, the Nightmare Grimm constructs a hellish dreamscape constructed from her recollections of childhood trauma and unresolved anger towards her father Jacques. Weiss’s idolization of Winter manifests within the type of her carrying an Atlesian navy uniform just like the one her sister wears, whereas her inside youngster is stored locked up and hidden. When her inside youngster is allowed to run wild and free in her nightmare world, it reveals all of the childhood wishes Weiss was pressured to suppress as a consequence of being emotionally abused.

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Weiss Starting the Food Fight Finally Gave Her a Fun, Childlike Experience

Among Weiss’s childhood wishes embody high quality time together with her household, being validated by her dad and mom, and having the ability to do all of the sorts of enjoyable actions regular children get to do. Fun actions like attending amusement parks and consuming sweets, and having the ability to play exterior with a gaggle of mates. The truth she did not get to do any of this as a baby is why her resolution to begin the meals struggle in “Best Day Ever” is made extra important.

As a 17-year-old lady who’s rapidly approaching maturity, this is likely one of the few alternatives Weiss has to do one thing actually enjoyable and infantile. Instead of being standoffish and reminding her mates of the college guidelines like she usually would, she makes use of the chance {that a} pie will get thrown in her face to let herself free and do one thing she’s at all times needed to do: break the principles and be a bit naughty. Get in bother for one thing genuinely silly like beginning a meals struggle together with her mates, versus getting in bother for displeasing her narcissistic father.

Since the entire level of RWBY: Ice Queendom is setting Weiss on the trail to turning into a extra genuine model of herself, her beginning a meals struggle is the easiest way to finish her character arc.

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