Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Unlock Swamp Achievement Guide


In this “guide” i’ll provide you 2 saves of my own with which you can obtain the “King of the Swamp” achievement. I will also include a useful walkthrough video on how to beat the DLC in this difficulty made by “STAR’S redfield” youtuber as well as some tips written by me.

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Location of the saving folder of RESIDENT EVIL 7

Copy-paste the saves in the following location:


Download link and some basic information regarding the saves

Basic information:

I have provided 2 saves:

1)The 1st is right before the final boss fight with the AMG 78a.

2)The 2nd is right at the start with the DUAL AMG unlocked and with 49 cassete tapes.

Choose whichever you would like in order to unlock the “King of the Swamp” achievement.

Download link:

Very useful video guide for beating End of Zoe on Joe must Die by “Stars Redfield”

Youtube Video made by “STARS redfield”

I will link below a very helpful video made by the brilliant RESIDENT EVIL youtuber & player “STARS Redfield”

Very helpful and he absolutely kills it. Even if you never get this achievement, this guy could literally get it for all of us troubled souls!

Thank you sir “STAR’S redfield” for making it look a whole lot easier to get one of the most difficult achievements of this game legit.

Some gameplay tips regarding the difficulty of “Joe must Die” by me

-If you choose to play with the 1st save, these tips apply:

1. Press C when the Swamp man does his long-ranged attack, once and twice. Right before he does his jump and leap-smash the ground on you, immediately move away from him and try to throw an extra attack on him, preferrably combos or a charged attack.

2. Always be on the move during the 3rd and final phase. His attacks are far more frequent and devastating.

3. This fight is far easier than the 2nd encounter with him back inside the boat.

4. Use combos and NOT just simple fists.

5. My 1st save has the AMG 78a so it won’t be so easy as with the DUAL AMG unlock which is included in my 2nd save.

6. Block, block, block !

Only if you choose to play with the 2nd save, these tips apply:

1. You can’t exactly copy-paste his playstyle but it greatly helped me pass most of the various sections that are extremely difficult in this difficulty.

2. Try to follow his gameplay most of the time but always rely on your judgement and your own style of play if you don’t like “STARS redefield’s” or don’t feel like straight up following his playstyle and moves. If you thought of a new way to pass this section of the game, DON’T be afraid to use it even if you start from the beginning.

3. Always back away and close in again near regular molded. Always stealth kill when possible the four-legged molded. Generally, use stealth whenever possible.

4. Try and collect all of the normal and champion effigies.

5. Always try and collect 2-4 throwing knives. You can use them to destroy insta-kill wired bombs.

6. This save has the AMG DUAL and as i once mentioned in the 1st save section, it will be much easier to get this achievement with this save.

7. Again block, block, block !


Well, this and pretty much all of Resident evil 7’s achievements were actually one of the most difficult 100%’s i have ever done until now.

I hope that this guide will truly help you get this daunting and annoying as hell achievement.

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