Resident Evil 4 – Knife Repair Cost: How It Works



    Simple explanation before you put money in “Cross your T’s, dot your I’s, that’s the way”.

    Knife repair cost explained.

    I Broke My Knife, Now What?

    You probably broke your knife in Chapter 1, then got stuck with a kitchen knife until Chapter 2 where you finally managed to fix your knife. But it’s a hefty price of 4000 pesetas, so you pay the merchant because you can’t upgrade the knife in broken condition.

    Fix it before it breaks.

    You may have noticed that whenever you visit a merchant, the cost of repairing a knife is nowhere near 4000 pesetas. They are usually below 3000 pesetas. In fact, you are charged 1000 pesetas less than a completely broken knife. The picture shows the knife in its final durability, and the repair cost about 3000 pesetas.

    I only used the knife a little, so I went to the dealer to have it repaired.

    You might think: “Since a broken knife adds an extra 1000 pesetas, I have to fix it every time I go to the merchant!” No, far from it. When the merchant charges 1000 pesetas extra on a broken knife, he also charges 1000 pesetas as the cost of repairing the starter. The picture shows the knife after a single stab. The merchant charges you the 1000 starter price + the durability amount you spent.

    Upgrade stability to get better returns in the long run.

    So now you know that a knife repair has a 1000 starter cost and a 1000 broken down cost. The actual price charge on durability of 1.0 is actually 2000 pesetas + starter price range. For maximum Lv Durability, the combat knife’s attribute durability is 2.2 with a repair cost cap of 4400 + starter cost.

    Should you upgrade knife damage? There is another topic under discussion. If you only use knives for parry and stealth kills, you won’t need to upgrade knife damage.



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