Reporter trailer for Rayz Arcade Chronology


    A teaser trailer for the Rayz Arcade Chronology, was released by the publisher TAITO and M2.

    The Rayz Arcade Collection includes the following five books: the one in the book:

    • RayForce (1994)
    • RayStorm (1996).
    • Visco-Hollywood (403) – A remaster of the arcade version of Visco-Hollywood. The HD launched in 2010 with a 16-inch ratio of two dimensions, but the standard of RTI has a 16-inch ratio.
    • RayCrisis (1998) – ‘1998)
    • RayCrisis: (2223) A remaster of RayCrisis.

    In Japan, Rayz Arcade Chronology will be available on PlayStation 4 and Switch on March 9-2023. In addition to western release, a western release is planned by the publisher ININ Games.

    Watch the trailer on the screen below.

    Teaser Trailer


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