Remnant 2 Recovery Trait, Explained


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    Remnant 2 can be a brutally challenging game, making the right build essential to succeed. While this mainly concerns your archetype, other features influence your build. One of the most important is your Traits, one of which is the Recovery Trait. I found the Recovery Trait to be crucial to my build, so I’m here to help you get your hands on this Trait in Remnant 2.

    What is the Recovery Trait in Remnant 2?

    Recovery is a Trait in Remnant 2 that increases your Stamina regeneration. Having increased stamina was important for my build, as I focused on running from combat and taking enemies out from a distance. Recovery increases your stamina regen by 3% at level one, but upgrading this to max will increase stamina recovery by 30% at the final level.

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    Where to get the Recovery Trait in Remnant 2?

    The Recovery Trait is found in the Losomn world. I found mine in the Brocwith Quarter, but other players have reported finding it in the Morrow Parish or Ironborough. Regardless of which location you get in your generation, keep an eye out for a lone Dran child. You will be able to speak to this NPC.

    Speaking to the Dran child will prompt them to run off. Follow the child through the location until you arrive at a raised house accessible by a ladder. Enter the house and speak to the woman spinning yarn. She will request that you find all the lost children and return them to her.

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    I found three children, and once I returned to the woman, I was rewarded with the Recovery Trait. Finding all the children can be difficult, but if you fully explore each area, you should be able to find them. Some players have reported having to reroll their worlds to find them all, so be prepared for a possible lengthy search.

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